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3D Systems and Oerlikon AM to Cooperate for Aluminum Part Production

3D Systems and Oerlikon AM recently announced a cooperation agreement that will lead to the purchase of a fourth 500x500x500mm 3 laser DMP Factory 500 system. This system will be used in the US for a validated process chain production of aluminum components.

Eddie Franklin, Head of Additive Manufacturing Solutions at Oerlikon AM, commented “We are pleased to join forces with 3D Systems to not only scale the production of aluminum components, but to also boost our offering with the addition of 3D printing. This partnership will further strengthen our position in the market as a leader in high-quality, advanced manufacturing services for aluminum components.”

The cooperation agreement between 3D Systems and Oerlikon AM comes at a time when increased demand for aluminum components is requiring a rapid production process. Oerlikon AM will work with 3D Systems to ensure that the DMP Factory 500 system is used in the most efficient way possible to produce high-quality aluminum component parts.

The company will be looking to leverage 3D Systems’ advanced direct metal printing (DMP) technology, which is an additive manufacturing process that allows for greater design flexibility and the potential for accelerated manufacturing of metal parts. With this technology, parts can be built to a variety of geometries with highly complex features, and in shorter lead times.

The joint venture is a great example of both companies’ commitment to providing advanced and cost-effective additive manufacturing solutions for the rapidly growing aluminum parts production industry. This collaboration is just beginning, and we are eager to see what the future will bring as the two companies continue rapidly growing their production capacity. The news that Contour3D has 3D printed a toilet block in Dubbo, Western NSW, is an exciting development that I am very keen to see. I have long been passionate about infrastructure projects, in particular those that are focused on sustainable and eco-friendly solutions.

The 3D printed toilet block embodies these ideas, as it uses less cement, generates fewer waste materials, and can be made at a faster rate than traditional methods. Additionally, it produces a more resilient and durable structure than other manufacturing processes. All of this is great for Dubbo, as it will provide a strong and dependable public amenity.

I’m also pleased to hear that this is the first of many 3D printed toilet blocks to come, meaning that more towns and villages will be able to benefit from the same advances in infrastructure technology. It’s great to see companies like Contour3D taking a lead in this area and pushing the boundaries of 3D printing to create real-world solutions. I look forward to seeing more projects like this in the near future! OHB System and INCUS have teamed up to introduce lunar slurry SLA processing using Hammer Lab35 with the intention of eventually allowing the system to be used on the moon. The process is a significant advancement that begins with treating the lunar slurry with an accelerator, creating a foam structure and partially-solidified product that can be further shaped into parts or liquid depending on the need. This means it is infinitely more efficient to use the lunar slurry for the production of parts as opposed to transporting resources for optimized payload launches.

Onboard the Hammer Lab35, the sample is subjected to carbon dioxide to solidify and this is done in stages. During each step of the process, CO2 and other pyrotechnic elements can be introduced and changed accordingly. Onboard measurements are taken to ensure optimal conditions for the solidification process and adjust the procedure based on the environment and context.

The collaborative effort should come as a comfort to those planning for astronauts and endeavors on the lunar surface as it will no doubt aid in the production of parts and components. The Hammer Lab35 also has real value on Earth, and can be used with many different materials since it can be altered and adjusted depending on the environment.

Unlike most other production processes, the Hammer Lab35 can draw energy from its own payload or bring energy with it from Earth, depending on the environment. This helps reduce resource use and is more efficient in comparison with other technologies, and it could be the technological revolution we have been waiting for.

With the combined efforts of OHB System and INCUS, the Hammer Lab35 can be a game-changing technology for space exploration and a critical addition to resources available to astronauts on the moon. HZG Group, a relatively new player in the 3D printing space, has made a sizeable move. Together with MANZ AG, the company has invested €2 million in the Series A round of Q.Big 3D, a large format 3D printer manufacturer. This investment will be used to create the Queen 1 “XXXL”, a 1700x1050x1050mm material extrusion system which uses pellets and can switch between fine and fast modes.

The Queen 1 “XXXL” 3D printer is important for those companies looking to make large parts for industrial applications. With this printer, they can produce better parts faster, thus reducing prototyping and production costs.

This investment is an indication of the growth of the 3D printing industry and the strength of the 3D printer market as a whole. HZG clearly believes in this sector and is putting their money where their mouth is. This can only be a good thing for 3D printing and Q.Big 3D. Are you looking for the latest news and updates from the world of 3D printing? Look no further! We at 3D Printing News provide you with everything from breaking stories to offers and recommendations from third-party vendors.

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