Holcim’s 14Trees have developed Africa’s initial Construction 3D Printer.

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The first 3D printer created specifically for the commercial construction industry in Africa has just been unveiled. Iroko, developed by a joint venture between Holcim and the British International Investment, along with African construction firm Pan Mixers South Africa (PMSA), will be available to its first customers in Africa by the fourth quarter of 2023. Plans to expand to Europe in 2024 are already in motion.

This incredible technological advancement is revolutionary in the industry, as it will enable commercial construction businesses to produce buildings faster and more cost-effectively, leading to a wave of economic growth in the continent. It is estimated that Iroko could reduce the cost of constructing a single-story building by up to 20% and provide up to 10% more usable space when compared to traditional methods.

The added advantage of Iroko is its accuracy and precision. By providing structures or buildings with stable shapes and more precise results, construction processes can be further shortened with greater accuracy. It will have the capacity to create houses, offices and warehouses with a varied set of 3D shapes. Additionally, the 3D printer is also capable of printing with a range of materials including steel, concrete and other composite materials.

This is an exciting time for Africa as Iroko marks the beginning of a new era of innovation in the continent. With this advancement, African commercial construction firms will finally be able to keep up with modernization and compete with global standards. We can’t wait to see the creative and ambitious buildings come from the continent! Iroko is a 3D printer designed to create one- and two-story buildings using Holcim’s TectorPrint material. This innovative system reduces reliance on labor and brings about a significant decrease in material use when compared to other concrete 3D printers, leading to a 70 percent reduction in the building’s overall carbon footprint. The machine offers a truly unique solution to construction efforts, boasting advantages that make it one of the most advanced 3D printers currently in use. Iroko, touted by 14Trees, is a 3D house printing device at a cost 30 percent lower than competitors. No large tool like a crane or telehandler is necessary for manual mounting, and the onboard laser system guarantees print quality. Weather tracking comes into play to adjust printing parameters in real-time and the compact size means transport is no issue: it fits into a single shipping container. All of this makes Iroko the cost-effective, go-to 3D printer of choice. Miljan Gutovic, Region Head for Europe at Holcim, is thrilled to see the future of construction being shaped by 14Trees. “This innovation”, he states, “will help to speed up 3D printing construction around the globe, and it is fully aligned with Holcim’s mission to decrease the carbon footprint of building structures.” With the help that 14Trees is providing, Holcim can move closer to its goal of constructing more sustainable building structures. At 14Trees, we are taking leaps forward in the 3D printing sector by launching our Africa-made printer, Iroko. This launch builds upon our legacy of 3D printing projects on the African continent by furthering our largest 3D-printed affordable housing project in Kenya and our world’s first 3D-printed school in Malawi. We are confident that by utilizing Iroko, we can decarbonize construction in Africa and worldwide.

As the Managing Director of 14Trees, I am very excited to see what possibilities can be brought about through this pioneering technology. 3D printing is the perfect solution for decarbonizing construction as it eliminates the need to transport heavy materials to job sites. This saves time, money, and reduces harmful emissions. Iroko gives us the opportunity to continue improving and scaling up our 3D printing operations.

We understand the importance of finding new and innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint and the impact that it has on our planet. 3D printing through Iroko offers us the opportunity to do just that, and we are excited to have our hands on this revolutionary solution. 14Trees, a building tech startup, has created what is thought to be Africa’s “first” 3D printed building. The revolutionary construction project, designed to make building processes faster and more cost-effective, was completed in Kampala, Uganda in early 2020.

The building, which was constructed predominantly from recycled material, is said to be the first 3D printed construction project in African history. It is estimated to have cost significantly less than building a standard structure, while teh construction process itself spent only a fraction of time than traditional methods.

The owner of the building, Miss Kigozi, is settling in to her new home and enjoying the benefits that come with the latest technologies. She claimed: ‘I’m just so happy, and I am very grateful to 14Trees for providing me with such a comfortable house.’

The people of Uganda have welcomed this development with open arms and with hopes of gaining greater access to this revolutionary technology. 14Trees has committed to furthering building solutions and providing affordable building opportunities to people living in poverty-stricken areas.

14Trees brings new construction technology to Uganda with Africa’s “first” 3D printed building! #3DPrinting #BuildingInAfrica #Construction #AfrTech Podcast:

Today we are speaking with an expert on additive manufacturing in the Middle East and Africa about the development of a commercial additive construction system in the region. Joining us today is _____, who has significant experience in the industry.

So, _____, could you tell us why the development of a commercial additive construction system is important for the Middle East and Africa?


Additive manufacturing (AM) is quickly becoming a hot topic around the world. But while the AM sector in the Middle East has been growing rapidly – the same hasn’t been true for the southern half of Africa.

That’s why the development of a commercial additive construction system in the region is particularly crucial.

In this video, we talk to an expert in the field to find out more about the significance of this development and what it means for the region.

Take a look! [Insert video] Recent movements in the construction industry have seen a rise in the use of additive construction in Africa. In instances such as the Hubmart Shopping Mall in Lagos and the Agha Khan University in Nairobi, both countries have opted to build using this 3D printing technology. This has been a great move. It has cut down costs, allowed for customisability, has caused minimal disturbance when it comes to the natural environment, offers scalability and affords more efficient use of resources.

However, this is part of a larger pattern at work. Re-localization is a key macro trend for the next stage in globalization due to the increased energy costs associated with depletion of accessible fossil fuels and the decreased natural resources available. For this reason, every region is encouraged to develop robust forms of local, digital manufacturing. That this is being demonstrated with additive construction is notable given the significant amount of infrastructure that needs to be built in developing parts of the continent.

Overall, this re-localization trend will be beneficial for Africa, its environment, and its people. Quicker build times, more cost-effective building, scalability, and customisability all make additive construction a desirable option. With more companies taking advantage of this technology, one can expect rapid development in the region in the short to medium term. A look at 14 Trees:

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