Metafold Secures Investment for DfAM Software –

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Metafold is growing. The company has secured a $1.78M seed investment to continue development and further enhance their tech with greater accuracy and speed for 3D printing complex parts.

Metafold’s technology is based on their geometry compute engine that opens up opportunities to engineer and optimize parts for specific applications. This engine can swiftly generate precise designs for 3D printing and opens up the possibilities for additive manufacturing.

The 3D printing market is an ever-growing space, and Metafold’s new technology represents a cutting-edge solution for this field. Their optimization and engineering capabilities have been recognized with this seed funding and the company is all set to take advantage of the current 3D printing market.

The future looks bright for Metafold, with the backing of their new investment and the potential of their tech, the company is ready to broaden the scope of their engineering capabilities for 3D printing as well as optimize parts for various applications. Metafold’s cloud-based LightCycle software has opened up a world of possibilities for additive manufacturing (DfAM). It enables the design of highly challenging geometries, from massive lattice structures to intricate meta-materials, on a large scale. Reusable workflows on the platform allow manufacturers to produce these materials with much less waste and downtime. Ultimately, this facilitates sustainability in manufacturing, as well as enhancing the lifetime use of the products that are produced. Whether it is a self-healing plastic or an aircraft wing, meta-materials can now be used in more everyday applications thanks to Metafold’s LightCycle software. LightCycle is revolutionizing the world of design and engineering by making it easier than ever to produce optimized parts with greater efficiency. Its Software as a Service (SaaS) platform can be accessed on any device, allowing design and engineering teams to employ the Metafold web application or the Metafold Engine API to build custom tools and integrations.

LightCycle streamlines the entire design process, allowing users to create stronger, lighter parts that achieve cost savings through reduced usage of materials. Without the platform, teams may struggle to replicate the level of optimization possible through Metafold.

In addition, the application’s intuitive interface makes it easy to use and requires less time to master than other design software options. This leaves more time for teams to devote to the actual engineering process and ensures that even novice users can benefit from the platform.

Ultimately, LightCycle provides users with increased flexibility and precision for their design and engineering projects, as well as material cost savings. These benefits make it a must-have for any design and engineering teams looking to produce the most efficient parts possible. Metafold’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) expressed their appreciation of the investors who recognized the advantages of utilizing 3D printing to meet sustainability targets. They noted the unique potential this type of manufacturing has to not only be commercially viable but also beneficial to the environment. By scaling up the use of this technology, businesses are able to cut back on costs, reduce waste, and produce products quicker. The potential of 3D printing for sustainability goals is something they truly believe in. Metafold, a digital product development company, recently announced it had raised $15 million in series A funding. This funding comes at a time when the company is experiencing rapid expansion in key sectors like the biotechnology and sportswear industries.

The round was led by Differential Ventures, with additional participation from Active Impact Investments, Jetstream, and Standup Ventures. These investors are confident about Metafold’s potential to drive innovation in digital product development.

This funding will enable Metafold to scale up its operations and create strategic partnerships with other leading companies in the space. Metafold plans to use the funding to expand its FoldingCloud platform and accelerate the development of its digital products.

This investment is a strong vote of confidence in Metafold’s potential to revolutionize the way companies develop digital products. Metafold’s FoldingCloud platform has already been adopted by some of the world’s top companies, including Microsoft, Amazon, IBM, Oracle, and Google.

Metafold’s founder and CEO, Amy Harvey, said: “We’re excited to have the backing of Differential Ventures and other leading investors. This funding will give us the fuel we need to continue to innovate and provide our customers with the best digital product development and deployment tools.”

With this funding, Metafold is well-positioned to move forward in its mission to become the leader in digital product development. With a team of world-class engineers, designers, and strategists, Metafold is ready to take on the challenge and revolutionize the way digital products are created. Connect with us on our social media pages! Share your thoughts on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn feeds. Plus, don’t forget to sign up for our weekly additive manufacturing newsletter to get the latest stories and updates straight to your inbox. We hope to hear from you!

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