A YouTuber put together a giant 3D printer and used it to fabricate a life-sized plastic replica.

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Ivan Miranda, popular YouTuber and digital fabrication enthusiast, recently showcased his latest Giant 3D Printer project with a video series finale. The finished product featured a massive build volume of 1110 x 1110 x 2005 mm and was followed by the first test prints in action. And what was Miranda’s choice for his initial 3D printing challenge? The ambitious maker decided to recreate himself – a life-size 3D printed replica.

The video showcased Miranda’s entire process, from the first prints of the project’s components to the mechanical assembly, to the final result – a life-size model of himself. Viewers were able to witness every step of his journey, from the 3D scanning stage to the intricate detailing of the 3D model to the intricate finishing touches to the end result. Despite all the preparation, the actual printing process was surprisingly fast, taking only around 24 hours to complete.

With this Giant 3D Printer, Ivan Miranda demonstrated exactly what 3D printing technology is capable of – huge projects and detailed 3D objects in a relatively short amount of time. It’s no wonder then that this amazing fabrication machine has become incredibly popular among makers and 3D printing enthusiasts. We can only hope that Miranda continues this project and allows us to see what other giant projects he can come up with. Assemble a 3-D Printer with Miranda’s Step-by-Step Instructions##

Miranda has put together an instructional video outlining step-by-step instructions for constructing a 3-D printer with a 2.5 m³ build volume. Beginning with a frame made from sturdy 40 x 40 aluminum extrusion, she takes viewers through the entire assembly process.

The Z-axis movement is facilitated with V-wheels, which Miranda explains is due to budgetary concerns. While linear rails would have been the ideal choice, they can be expensive and so the decision to use V-wheels was made. In order to move the X and Y axes, Nema 23 stepper motors are required and these are housed in 3D printed housings, along with screws and threads.

This video is a valuable resource for any aspiring 3D printer-builder, as Miranda not only explains the tools and materials to be used, but also offers advice on avoiding common pitfalls when assembling the printer. Thanks to her step-by-step instructions, anyone with some knowledge of 3D printing and mechanical assembly can make a 3D printer similar to Miranda’s. A YouTuber has successfully solved yet another challenging 3D printing task. He needed to find a way to heat a 3D printer bed, a challenge that many struggle with.

The YouTuber in question found a remarkable, yet highly unusual solution. He opted to use everyday underfloor heating cables to warm up the metal bed enough for the 3D printing materials to stick and for the output from his FDM printer to resist curling.

This YouTuber had a difficult printing challenge on his hands but he not only solved it, but came up with a unique and inspiring method to do so. This is just one of the many tasks 3D printer enthusiasts experience that require some lateral thinking to jump any hurdles.

The capabilities of 3D printers has seen leaps and bounds in the past few years and now tasks like these are overcome with creative solutions like this one. Kudos to the YouTuber for coming up with this creative work around for a tricky situation. Miranda just finished its first 3D print job—a gorgeous red PLA project with a 4mm layer height, a 1mm nozzle, zero infill, three walls, and variable speed. Miranda was amazed at the level of detail achieved with her printer settings, and the end result was nothing short of stunning. Miranda couldn’t wait to show off her creation to her friends and family.

This is just the beginning for Miranda and her 3D printer. From here, she plans to experiment with other material settings, print speeds, and layer heights to create even more amazing prints. She also plans to tackle more complicated projects and expand her skillset. The possibilities with 3D printing are endless, and Miranda can’t wait to dive in. If you’ve ever been curious about the process of 3D printing a human-scale replica, the latest video from Ivan Miranda provides an inside look at what it’s like. In the video, starting from the 14-minute 15-second mark, viewers get to watch the forming of a red plastic Ivan Miranda clone, from the feet up.

While the footage was sped up, the total printing process of the full-size individual in the demonstration took 108 hours – 76 of those in actual printing time. When all was said and done, the red plastic Ivan was comprised of 4,375 layers.

While 3D printing technology isn’t quite at the point of mass producing full-size replicas yet, it’s still incredible to witness this model take shape right before your eyes. If you’re taken by Miranda’s impressive 3D printer project, you’re likely interested to know that you can purchase the design files for a mere $30! This remarkable work of art was created from a basic, store-bought 3D printer. Miranda’s ambition and ability to turn a simple tool into a masterpiece is worth celebrating. 3D printing is an exciting technology that is making incredible advancements every day. From huge, industrial machines to something as small as a desktop printer, the 3D printing world is huge. However, it can be hard to know where to start with all the choices.

To help you find a 3D printer that fits your needs and budget, we have put together a list of the best 3D printers for 2023. Our list covers a broad range of price points and requirements, making it easy to find the perfect 3D printer for you. Whether you are a novice just starting out on the journey of 3D printing or an experienced user looking for an upgrade, this list will have something for you.

Our top picks include the Creality Ender 3 Pro, Prusa i3 MK3S, Makergear M2, FlashForge Finder 2 and the Qidi Tech X-Maker. Each of these offers superb value for money and have been specifically chosen for their quality and reliability. All of these 3D printers come with detailed instructions and support, meaning you can start printing no time.

So if you’re looking for a comprehensive guide to finding the best 3D printer for 2023, be sure to check out our Best 3D Printers 2023 feature article.

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