Build Your Own Space Mouse with a 3-Axis Magnetometer and the RP2040 – Check out this Video on!

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Salim Benbouz recently created a DIY Space Mouse capable of Orbit, Pan, Home View, and Fit to View capabilities. Salim used a 3-axis magnetometer and the RP2040 to put together this device. In the video, Salim demonstrates how step-by-step instructions and careful consideration for design and construction can bring this project to life.

First, Salim shows how to assemble the circuit board and the necessary components. Then, he takes us through the programming and illustrates how to create code to connect the different peripherals. Last, Salim shows us the different features of the mouse and explains how they are triggered.

This project is fascinating and inspiring for those interested in constructing a functional project. Whether it be powering a remote control car, automating a light switch, or building a robot, DIY projects are a great way to explore the world of engineering. Thanks to Salim for his hard work and insights!

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