Flexcera dental 3D printing resins will be brought to the Carbon Digital Manufacturing Platform through a partnership between Desktop Health and Carbon.

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Title: Revolutionizing Digital Dentistry: Flexcera Smile Ultra+ Validated for Carbon Systems

Date: July 26, 2023

Time: 15:31

Author: Oliver Johnson

In a groundbreaking development, Desktop Health, a subsidiary of Desktop Metal, has partnered with Carbon to validate the use of Flexcera Smile Ultra+ on the Carbon Digital Manufacturing Platform. This collaboration marks an important milestone in expanding access to the nanoceramic resin, enhancing the capabilities of hundreds of high-volume dental labs worldwide.

The Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin is a game-changer in digital dentistry, offering exceptional strength, lifelike aesthetics, and long-term performance. Its introduction has revolutionized the field of 3D printed restorations, enabling the creation of permanent dental solutions such as dentures, crowns, bridges, and veneers. Developed after years of meticulous research and leveraging proprietary long-chain chemistry, the material sets a new standard for dental prosthetics.

Ric Fulop, the Founder and CEO of Desktop Metal, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Demand for our superior Flexcera family of resins has been overwhelming in the marketplace. This is the first time we’re making our proprietary resin available to another 3D hardware provider. We’re delighted to work with Carbon, which is widely respected in the dental lab community.”

The sentiment was echoed by Phil DeSimone, Office of the CEO at Carbon, who emphasized their commitment to driving the transition from analog to digital dentures. While Carbon’s platform has already produced hundreds of thousands of dentures, there is still immense potential for growth in the 3D printed denture industry. DeSimone stated, “We remain dedicated to helping labs meet the growing needs of the industry and are thrilled to offer Flexcera Smile Ultra+ to our customers. These materials are highly regarded in the market and are a natural fit within our portfolio.”

The partnership between Desktop Health and Carbon not only validates the Flexcera Smile Ultra+ resin but also paves the way for future innovation. Both companies have plans to release Flexcera base later in 2023, introducing an additional denture material with exceptional fracture resistance to Carbon’s material portfolio. This expansion will further enhance the offerings available to dental labs, solidifying their position as industry leaders in digital dentistry.

Lou Azzara, President of Desktop Health, expressed his excitement about providing the dental community with access to the outstanding aesthetic and strength benefits of Flexcera. The partnership with Carbon enables an even wider range of dental professionals to incorporate these cutting-edge materials into their practice, ultimately benefiting patients and driving the evolution of digital dentistry.

As we witness this groundbreaking collaboration, it is clear that the future of digital dentistry is brighter than ever. The validation of Flexcera Smile Ultra+ for Carbon systems opens up endless possibilities for dental labs worldwide, setting a new benchmark for strength, aesthetics, and durability in 3D printed restorations. With the constant drive for innovation, the partnership between Desktop Health and Carbon is expected to reshape the landscape of the dental industry, further propelling the adoption of digital dentures into the mainstream.

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