Zortrax is partnering with the AM Centre of Excellence to develop a ceramic 3D printing system.

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Zortrax, a Polish 3D printing firm, has recently partnered with the AM Centre of Excellence (AM-COE) in an effort to develop a state-of-the-art ceramic 3D printer. The collaboration will involve Zortrax supplying the printers to AM-COE, a British company that specializes in advanced resin production. The primary goal of this partnership is to create a printer specifically designed for the processing of advanced ceramic resins.

Both companies bring their respective expertise to the table, with Zortrax handling the manufacturing of the printers and software development, while AM-COE brings professional research facilities and specialty resin development capabilities. Together, they believe they have the necessary resources to successfully develop this new specialized ceramic printer.

Zortrax’s interest in ceramic 3D printing stems from the success of their Zortrax Powerful Trio, which includes the Zortrax Inkspire 2 resin system. The company has already made significant technical improvements to the Powerful Trio and has collaborated with BASF Forward AM and Henkel/Loctite to expand its resin portfolio. These advancements and partnerships provide a solid foundation for Zortrax as they venture into the development of a ceramic printer.

As part of the partnership, Zortrax will lead the manufacturing and implementation of the printers and their Z-Suite software. They will also provide ongoing updates to the firmware and software. AM-COE, on the other hand, will offer consulting services, distribute the new printer, and conduct software testing before each update.

Zortrax CEO Mariusz Babula expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “The cooperation between Zortrax and AM-COE will allow us to develop an optimal solution for printing demanding ceramic resins.” He believes that the combination of Zortrax’s experience in resin 3D printer development and AM-COE’s expertise in ceramic resin production will result in a modern printer that meets the needs of businesses and individuals alike.

AM-COE CEO Ehsan Sabet highlighted the company’s commitment to offering a mass manufacturing solution for 3D printed ceramics. He stated, “We’ve partnered up with Zortrax to develop a versatile, fast, effective, and affordable ceramic 3D printer, like no other.” Sabet emphasized the importance of creating an open-source solution with free software, which will assist researchers in developing materials and ceramic printing processes. Additionally, manufacturers will benefit from a low-maintenance and easy-to-operate ceramic printer for mass production purposes.

The collaboration between Zortrax and AM-COE represents an exciting development in the field of ceramic 3D printing. With their combined expertise, the companies are poised to revolutionize the industry and provide a cutting-edge solution for creating ceramic parts. The partnership promises to deliver a modern, efficient, and accessible ceramic printer that meets the needs of both businesses and individual users.

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