“Nano Dimension has withdrawn its offer for the takeover update of Stratasys, with 3D Systems now in the lead.”

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The Stratasys takeover saga seems to be heading towards its conclusion, with several new developments in the past week. The story began earlier this year when both Nano Dimension and 3D Systems expressed their interest in acquiring Stratasys, a leading company in the 3D print industry. However, all previous takeover offers from both companies were rejected, except for 3D Systems’ most recent offer.

The announcement of further negotiations between Stratasys and 3D Systems indicated a potential breakthrough in the takeover saga. Meanwhile, Nano Dimension still had an outstanding offer for Stratasys and a proposal to take over the board of Stratasys at their upcoming annual meeting. However, last week, Nano Dimension surprised everyone by withdrawing both their shareholder offer and their board proposal for Stratasys.

Nano Dimension’s announcement, filled with typos on their website, criticized Stratasys for not redeeming the “poison pill” and claimed that it would hinder Nano Dimension’s ability to complete the special tender offer. They also stated that they did not anticipate meeting the conditions of the special tender offer and would not further extend the offer period. Instead, they would proceed with alternative mergers and acquisitions plans.

Reading through Nano Dimension’s announcement, it is clear that they placed blame on Stratasys for blocking their offer and emphasized their belief in other potential transactions. Stratasys had taken reasonable steps to reject Nano Dimension’s offer, as they believed that the 3D Systems offer would create a more powerful entity.

It is worth noting that several industry analysts had recommended against Nano Dimension’s proposal to take over the board. This could have influenced Nano Dimension’s decision to withdraw their offer. Thus, it appears to be the end of Nano Dimension’s struggle for Stratasys.

However, considering the unpredictable nature of this saga, it is hard to determine what Nano Dimension might do next. Depending on the outcome of the negotiations between 3D Systems and Stratasys, there could be a potential surprise. It is expected that an announcement from Stratasys and 3D Systems will be made this week. If the two companies proceed with a merger, it would be the biggest corporate transaction in 3D print history. Taking sufficient time to ensure a successful merger would be advisable.

In conclusion, the ongoing Stratasys takeover saga has taken an unexpected turn with Nano Dimension withdrawing their offer and board proposal. The attention now turns to the negotiations between Stratasys and 3D Systems, and the possibility of a major corporate transaction in the 3D print industry.

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