Sintratec 3D Printers are now available in South Africa.

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Solid Edge Technology, a leading pioneer in the field of 3D printing technology in South Africa, has joined forces with Sintratec, the first Swiss manufacturer specializing in selective laser sintering (SLS) solutions. The collaboration aims to further enhance the capabilities of 3D printing in the country.

Solid Edge Technology began its journey as 3D Solids Software Solutions, introducing the first Stratasys 3D printing machines to its clients in the early 2000s. Over the years, the company expanded its offerings, introducing South Africa to KeyShot 3D Rendering, Modo Software, and a range of services in computer-generated imagery, 3D visualization, animation, and rendering. In addition, Solid Edge Technology has been providing rapid prototyping services for over five years, utilizing equipment such as the Stratasys UPrint SE Plus Printer and the MakerBot 3D printer lineup.

Solid Edge Technology, with its extensive experience in the 3D printing industry, has established itself as a reseller of MakerBot 3D printers in South Africa. The company previously collaborated with HP to launch the new HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer range, renowned for its exceptional part quality, productivity, and cost-effectiveness.

Based near Johannesburg, Solid Edge Technology has become a prominent player in the 3D printing sector over the past 30 years. The partnership with Sintratec is set to further strengthen the company’s presence in the market. Trevor Berry, the Managing Director and Owner of Solid Edge Technology, expressed his excitement about the collaboration, stating that it will provide new opportunities for exploration in the additive manufacturing market in South Africa.

Sintratec, known for its affordable and compact SLS 3D printing solutions, has gained recognition in Europe for its desktop SLS printers. The company has managed to make high-quality SLS technology accessible to smaller businesses, research institutions, and other organizations, eliminating the need for expensive industrial-grade machines. Although Sintratec may not have the same global reach as some other major 3D printing companies, it has garnered attention in the AM community due to its unique value proposition.

The Sintratec Kit and Sintratec S2 have become popular choices among customers, including INFACO, a French manufacturer of hand power tools, and Advanced Family & Sports Podiatry, an Australian company specializing in customized foot orthoses. Daimler Buses (formerly EvoBus) also employs Sintratec’s systems to additively manufacture parts for bus interiors.

Sintratec’s modular and scalable systems now offer South African customers a flexible entry into industrial 3D printing. This partnership with Solid Edge Technology not only presents a significant opportunity for Sintratec to expand its sales and service network across the African continent but also reinforces the reputation of both companies as leaders in the 3D printing sector.

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