Balena, a material science company, collaborates with a fashion designer to create eco-friendly 3D printed shoes.

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Balena, a company specializing in material science, has recently partnered with designer Kitty Shukman to create a unique 3D printed concept slide called ROOTS. This collaboration aims to promote sustainability and create a more environmentally friendly fashion industry.

The project utilizes Balena’s innovative material called BioCir, the first fully compostable and biodegradable elastomer specifically designed for the fashion industry. The design of the slide is inspired by the characteristics of roots, with branches and stems wrapping around the foot. This concept pushes the boundaries of 3D printing and aims to revolutionize the materials landscape in fashion.

According to Balena, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting industries, and they believe that 3D printing has the potential to help combat this issue. By partnering with Kitty Shukman, Balena hopes to showcase the potential of sustainable, durable, and compostable materials in fashion.

David Roubach, the Founder and CEO of Balena, expresses his excitement for the collaboration, stating that when the right material is combined with the right designer, remarkable and circular projects can come to life. He hopes that leading fashion brands will be inspired to follow suit in the near future.

The BioCir manufacturing process is highly scalable, allowing for collaborations and integration across industries. Products made with BioCir undergo complete decomposition and biodegradation in an industrial compost facility, ensuring a true end-of-life cycle.

Kitty Shukman, the designer involved in this project, is committed to finding a balance between functionality, sustainability, and style. Working with Balena has allowed her to imagine a future where the fashion industry becomes truly circular. She envisions 3D printing as a unique and sustainable medium that can leave a positive impact on the environment.

This partnership between Balena and Kitty Shukman is an exciting step towards a more sustainable fashion industry. By utilizing 3D printing and advanced biodegradable materials, they hope to inspire other fashion brands to adopt similar practices. The possibilities of sustainable fashion are endless, and this collaboration serves as a testament to the power of innovation and creativity in driving positive change in the industry.

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