The prestigious international award for 3D printing has been won by Azoth.

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Azoth3D, a pioneering force in the production-grade 3D Printing industry, based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has recently been honored with a prestigious international award in the Industrial Motors/Controls & Hydraulics sector from the Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF). This recognition is a testament to Azoth’s innovative technology and its potential to revolutionize small complex parts production.

With their cutting-edge 3D printing technology, Azoth is changing the manufacturing landscape and providing immense value to end users. Their award-winning Fluid Matter Exchanger is a prime example of the advantages of Azoth’s 3D printing technology. This complex part, which could not be produced with traditional manufacturing processes, was brought to life using Azoth’s innovative solutions.

What makes the Fluid Matter Exchanger stand out is its intricate design and internal filters, which are made possible through 3D printing. Additionally, the part was intentionally made 20% larger than the original design to account for shrinkage during sintering. This showcases the adaptability and precision of Azoth’s technology.

Mattia Forgiarini, Lead Process Engineer at Azoth, expressed his excitement about receiving the award, stating, “Receiving this award is a validation of our innovation, passion, and commitment to every project. Metal additive manufacturing has the potential to transform industries, and at Azoth, we’re proud to be leading this evolution.”

Azoth’s commitment to advancing their technology and providing the most advanced solutions on the market is unwavering. Their win at the MPIF awards serves as a reminder of the immense potential of metal additive manufacturing and the exciting opportunities it presents for businesses.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) is an association that promotes the advancement of metal powders and particulate materials as a global industry. Their annual awards recognize organizations that demonstrate outstanding design, engineering, and innovation in the powder metallurgy sector.

Azoth’s success in the metal additive manufacturing industry is a testament to the vast business opportunities available to companies that embrace their technology. This achievement highlights the potential for businesses to unlock new possibilities and create innovative products through metal additive manufacturing.

Azoth’s groundbreaking TOMO® (Take One, Make One) business model is transforming physical inventory into digital, on-demand inventory. With their cutting-edge metal 3D Printing technology, as well as expertise in plastics and composites printing, Azoth is providing businesses worldwide with advanced manufacturing solutions. This revolutionary approach allows customers to unlock their full potential in the market and stay ahead of the competition.

In conclusion, Azoth’s win at the MPIF awards is a well-deserved recognition of their innovative technology and its ability to revolutionize complex parts production. Their commitment to advancing their technology and providing cutting-edge solutions positions them as leaders in the 3D printing industry. As businesses continue to embrace metal additive manufacturing, the potential for innovation and growth becomes limitless. Azoth’s success serves as a reminder of the exciting possibilities that lie ahead.

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