3D Systems and Theradaptive form a collaboration to enhance orthopedic and soft tissue repair using 3D printing technology.

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Theradaptive, a biopharmaceutical company focused on targeted regenerative therapeutics, has recently announced a commercial agreement with 3D Systems, naming them as their exclusive 3D printing partner. This collaboration aims to provide a unique approach to promoting bone and tissue growth by using Theradaptive’s protein-based material-binding variants to coat 3D Systems’ 3D printed medical devices. The ultimate goal is to offer patients improved healing and better outcomes.

The founder of Theradaptive, Luis M. Alvarez, Ph.D., developed the protein-engineering technology after witnessing extremity injuries that resulted in delayed amputations among servicemembers. Driven by the need to address the limitations of existing regenerative medicine approaches, his research at MIT focused on achieving anatomically precise outcomes and “ultra-persistent” local delivery of therapeutics for bone and tissue regeneration.

The first applications of this technology have already earned three Breakthrough Medical Device designations from the FDA, specifically targeting degenerative disc disease and spinal fusion. This recognition further validates the potential of Theradaptive’s approach in advancing regenerative medicine.

According to Alvarez, the agreement with 3D Systems brings together cutting-edge advances in orthopedic and soft tissue additive manufacturing with Theradaptive’s material-binding regenerative therapeutics. He believes that this union of technologies will provide safer and more effective treatment options for patients who currently have limited choices. It also paves the way for the development of new products that can significantly improve patient care.

Andrew Johnson, EVP, Chief Corporate Development Officer, Chief Legal Counsel at 3D Systems, expressed optimism about the collaboration. He emphasized the shared vision of both companies in enhancing the patient experience and their commitment to pushing the boundaries of regenerative medicine. Johnson believes that combining 3D Systems’ expertise in medical device design and production with the benefits of Theradaptive’s protein-engineering platform can have a profound impact on the field.

In addition to being named as Theradaptive’s exclusive 3D printing partner, 3D Systems has also made an investment of 8 million USD in the company. This financial support further solidifies the partnership and demonstrates 3D Systems’ confidence in Theradaptive’s technology and potential.

The collaboration between Theradaptive and 3D Systems signifies a significant step forward in the pursuit of innovative solutions for regenerative medicine. By leveraging the power of 3D printing and protein-engineering, this partnership holds the promise of revolutionizing patient care and improving outcomes in the field of orthopedics and tissue regeneration.

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