Parts are 3D printed on-demand by SPEE3D during the annual live-fire training exercise of the US Marine Corps.

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SPEE3D, a leading 3D printing company, recently made waves at the Marine Corps Annual Integrated Training Exercise (ITX) 4-23. This event, held in July 2023, is a live-fire exercise that tests the tactical abilities of battalion and squadron-sized units. It combines infantry, artillery, aircraft, combat logistics, and supporting elements to simulate real combat scenarios.

At the event, SPEE3D was the only additive manufacturing company present. They brought their WarpSPEE3D, a large-format metal 3D printer that utilizes their patented Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology. This technology allows for fast, cost-effective, and scalable production of metal parts.

During ITX 4-23, SPEE3D deployed the WarpSPEE3D to 3D print crucial parts on-demand. These parts were broken and brought from ground support at the Marine Corps Air Station in Miramar, California. They were then flown to the live fire Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center Twentynine Palms, California. This quick and efficient process ensured that necessary parts were available when and where they were needed the most – near the warfighter.

Chris Harris, Americas Vice President of Defense for SPEE3D, expressed their commitment to partnering with the military worldwide to provide the best outcomes for rapid metal 3D printing. They see their involvement in ITX 4-23 as an honor and look forward to future collaborations with the United States Marine Corps.

The Consortium for Additive Manufacturing Research and Education (CAMRE) also praised SPEE3D’s capability during the training exercise. Chris Curran, Program Manager for CAMRE, noted that SPEE3D consistently demonstrated their ability to 3D print metal replacement parts in an expeditionary environment. The impressive part is the speed at which they produced these parts, taking only hours instead of days. This advantage could be crucial in a contested environment and offers warfighters and maintainers a competitive edge.

SPEE3D’s participation in ITX 4-23 highlights the growing importance of on-demand technology in the military and defense sectors. The ability to quickly produce metal parts from alloys addresses real-time needs in-theatre, maximizing availability, and minimizing downtime. By utilizing their CSAM technology, SPEE3D is at the forefront of this innovative approach to manufacturing in the field.

Overall, SPEE3D’s successful participation in ITX 4-23 showcases their dedication to providing efficient and effective solutions for the military. Their WarpSPEE3D is revolutionizing the way metal parts are produced, and their collaboration with the United States Marine Corps sets the stage for future advancements in additive manufacturing.

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