EOS has recently introduced an AM Turnkey Service to streamline the launch of 3D printing and break down barriers.

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EOS has recently introduced a unique service called “AM Turnkey” for industrial clients, which aims to simplify the process of launching a new 3D printing operation. Typically, when a client purchases an industrial 3D printer, it is shipped to their site, requiring the site to be organized for metal 3D printing work. However, this can be a complex and expensive endeavor, as it involves setting up HVAC configurations to isolate humans from potentially explosive and toxic metal powder, as well as isolating different machines from each other to avoid contamination.

This setup process can often exceed the cost of the 3D printer itself, and can be further complicated if regulatory certifications are required, which can take months or even years to obtain. This barrier to entry has deterred many potential clients from pursuing metal 3D printing, despite their interest in the technology. EOS is well aware of this challenge, as they have likely heard it mentioned numerous times during the sales process.

To address these issues, EOS has developed an innovative solution with their AM Turnkey service. Instead of installing the purchased machines at the customer’s site, they are set up in a dedicated and secure bay at EOS’ large technical center in Texas. This eliminates the need for customers to build their own metal printing facility, saving both time and money. Additionally, the EOS facility is staffed with highly trained technicians from their Additive Minds branch, eliminating the need for extensive training of the customer’s staff.

Another advantage of the AM Turnkey service is that the EOS facility is ITAR certified, meaning it is certified by the US government to produce defense-related products. This certification is difficult to achieve and automatically comes with the dedicated bay at EOS. Altogether, this approach from EOS presents an intriguing solution to the barriers faced by potential clients in setting up a metal 3D printing system.

The AM Turnkey service can be seen as a middle ground between using a print service and installing one’s own equipment, offering both convenience and cost savings. This innovative service is expected to attract more customers to EOS and may even set a precedent for other LBPF 3D printer manufacturers to consider. In the future, this approach could become the default way to operate LPBF metal 3D printers, especially for smaller customers.

Overall, EOS’ AM Turnkey service offers an enticing solution to the challenges faced by industrial clients looking to adopt metal 3D printing technology. By simplifying and streamlining the setup process, EOS is paving the way for a wider adoption of this exciting technology in various industries.

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