The marriage of artistry and eco-consciousness can be observed in ROOTS 3D-Printed Footwear, a fashionable and sustainable option.

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In today’s world, fashion, sustainability, and technology are rarely seen as allies. But thanks to the innovative minds at Balena and designer Kitty Shukman, a new 3D printed concept slide called ROOTS has emerged. This unique footwear combines artistry, technology, and environmental consciousness to create a design inspired by nature.

Kitty Shukman is a UK-based shoe designer who is pushing the boundaries of the fashion industry. Her work focuses on utilizing sustainable sources and methods to empower customers. By collaborating with Balena, she has been able to bring her vision to life.

The ROOTS slide is a testament to the potential of 3D printing in the fashion industry. This technology has the power to revolutionize the materials landscape, which is notorious for its lack of eco-friendliness. By using compostable, biodegradable, and durable materials like BioCir™, Balena is showing that it is possible to create beautiful, fashionable, and circular designs.

David Roubach, the Founder and CEO of Balena, expresses his excitement about working with Kitty. He believes that the right combination of materials and design can create truly remarkable and circular products. This partnership highlights the magic that happens when you put the right material in the hands of the right designer.

But the benefits of 3D printing go beyond just fashion. Companies that implement this technology can also take advantage of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit. This credit is available for organizations developing new or improved products, processes, or software. Expenses related to wages, hardware and software integration, and material consumption can all be recovered through the credit.

While sports shoes have been the primary focus of 3D printing in the fashion industry, Balena’s work with Kitty shows that there is immense potential for other types of footwear as well. The company’s state-of-the-art lab has successfully translated Kitty’s fashionable design into a tangible reality. This showcases the potential of BioCir™ material in 3D printing, which has already been proven in other major manufacturing processes like Injection Molding and extrusion.

By merging fashion, sustainability, and technology, Balena and Kitty Shukman have created something truly special with ROOTS. This 3D printed, eco-friendly footwear is transforming the fashion industry in the most sustainable ways possible. It is a celebration of nature, innovation, and the power of collaboration.

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