3DPrinting.com reports on SAEKI’s groundbreaking “Microfactories” set to revolutionize the manufacturing industry.

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**Revolutionizing Manufacturing: The Rise of SAEKI’s Microfactories**

In an era of technological advancements and rising concerns about sustainability, traditional manufacturing processes are being disrupted by innovative solutions. One such disruptor is Swiss startup SAEKI, which is making waves with its groundbreaking “microfactories” powered by industrial robots equipped with additive manufacturing technology.

Founded in 2021 by Andrea Perissinotto, Oliver Harley, and Matthias Leschok, SAEKI aims to streamline manufacturing processes and reduce waste. The company recently secured $2.3 million in seed funding led by Wingman Ventures, underscoring the growing interest in their disruptive approach.

Historically, the creation of complex molds, such as those needed for aircraft wings and concrete installations, has been both time-consuming and expensive. However, SAEKI’s automated plants, with their fleet of industrial robots employing additive and subtractive manufacturing technology, are set to change that.

These self-contained “microfactories” are capable of executing every step of the manufacturing process, from 3D printing to milling and inspection. With this comprehensive approach, SAEKI not only accelerates production but also significantly reduces costs.

But what sets SAEKI apart is not just its technological prowess; it’s their innovative business model. By offering a “robots-as-a-service” (RaaS) model, SAEKI allows customers to access their cutting-edge technology without the need for additional machinery. This flexibility is a game-changer for companies looking for faster, more sustainable solutions for their manufacturing needs.

SAEKI’s pilot projects in architecture, engineering, and construction sectors have already been successful, generating revenue for the company. These early wins are a testament to the demand for their services and the potential impact they can have on various industries.

“We consistently hear from people and companies a desire for faster, more sustainable solutions for their parts,” said founder Andrea Perissinotto. “Merely offering savings through a multi-million dollar machine that requires extensive space and additional resources is not appealing to them.”

SAEKI’s strategic focus on automation and waste reduction is already making waves in the industry. As their inaugural factory takes shape in Switzerland, it becomes clear that SAEKI aims to reshape not just mold-making but the entire manufacturing landscape.

The rise of SAEKI and its microfactories symbolize a broader transformation within the industry. By embracing advanced technologies and sustainable practices, companies can revolutionize how products are made, improving efficiency, reducing waste, and ultimately shaping a more sustainable future.

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**Source**: TechCrunch

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