The Diablo Eccentrica, an iconic Lamborghini model, showcases the use of 3D printed titanium.

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Unveiling the Futuristic Lamborghini Diablo Eccentrica at Goodwood Festival of Speed

In a world filled with classic car enthusiasts and avid followers of 3D printing technology, the emergence of the Lamborghini Diablo Eccentrica has sparked a wave of excitement. This groundbreaking creation, born from the restoration of a classic car, is the brainchild of Emanuel Colombini, the founder of the San Marino startup Eccentrica Cars.

Colombini, an entrepreneur, collector, and European Lamborghini Super Trofeo championship driver, was inspired by his childhood fascination with the iconic Lamborghini Diablo. A red Diablo featured in Quattroruote magazine left an indelible mark on his memory, and years later, his experience driving the Diablo GT version further fueled his desire to pay tribute to this legendary vehicle.

The result is the Diablo Eccentrica, a limited edition restomod project that pays homage to the Lamborghini Diablo GTR. With only 19 units planned for production, this exclusive hypercar is set to make a statement in the automotive world.

One of the aspects that sets the Diablo Eccentrica apart is its use of 3D printing technology. The bodywork and components of the hypercar are constructed using 3D printed titanium, giving it a futuristic and sophisticated edge. This innovative approach not only enhances the car’s allure but also allows for greater precision and attention to detail.

Collaborating with the BorromeodeSilva design studio and supported by technical partners such as Pirelli, Brembo, Alcantara, Capristo, and Marantz, Eccentrica Cars has created a masterpiece that seamlessly combines the allure of vintage elements with contemporary design. The interior of the Diablo Eccentrica is a harmonious blend of the original car’s charm and modern touches.

The use of 3D printing technology in luxury car manufacturing is not a new concept. Other automakers have also embraced this technology for its rapid design and testing capabilities, cost efficiency, personalization options, and precision in creating intricate details. Recently, Automobili Estrema showcased its all-electric vehicle, which also utilizes additive manufacturing.

The Diablo Eccentrica is a testament to the endless possibilities that arise from blending classic car restorations with cutting-edge technology. This fusion of the past and the future not only captivates automotive enthusiasts but also paves the way for further innovation in the industry.

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(Photo credits: Eccentrica Cars)

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