A new parametric design software app has been unveiled by WASP.

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WASP, the renowned construction 3D printing company based in Italy, is making waves in the industry with its latest innovation, the WASP App. This parametric design software is specifically designed to enhance the user experience when working with clay, which has emerged as a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative to concrete in construction.

The use of concrete in construction has long been a concern due to its significant contribution to CO2 emissions. By 2021, concrete is projected to contribute to 7% of these emissions, according to the World Cement Association. Recognizing the need for more sustainable options, WASP has turned to clay as a primary material for their 3D-printed architectural projects.

One such project that showcases WASP’s proficiency in clay-based construction is the TECLA house. This prototype house, built using locally-sourced materials and with minimal waste, serves as a catalyst for the development of ecologically conscious urban areas. The success of projects like TECLA has solidified clay as a viable alternative to concrete in construction.

In addition to their architectural projects, WASP has also partnered with luxury brand Dior to create a pop-up store in Dubai. The use of 3D printing in these structures allows for artistic portrayals of Dior’s handbags through unique patterns featured on the walls, showcasing the versatility of clay as a material.

The WASP App is a game-changer for designers working with 3D printed clay parts. This parametric design software empowers users to create their own designs and have control over shape, size, texture, and cutting parameters. The models created in the app can then be exported in gcode format and ready for direct printing. What sets the WASP App apart is its accessibility to users of all levels of expertise in 3D modeling and cutting, making it a valuable tool for both beginners and professionals.

The current version of the WASP App, version 0.2, is scheduled to be publicly available starting from August. The Italian company has also confirmed its commitment to adding new functionalities to the app in the coming months. One such enhancement will be the ability to queue various gcodes within a single file, which will greatly streamline the production process for large-scale projects.

WASP’s 3D printing solutions, such as the Clay Line 3D printers and the high-capacity WASP 40100, make use of an internationally patented continuous feed system. This allows for automated production of 3D printed components on a 24/7 basis, making it ideal for large-scale production.

For more information on the WASP App and their innovative 3D printing solutions, visit their website.

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