SLM Solutions has acquired Adira AddCreative, expanding their range from large to ultra large.

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SLM Solutions, a leading additive manufacturing company, recently made a significant move by acquiring the Adira AddCreative system. This new addition to their equipment catalog demonstrates SLM Solutions’ commitment to staying at the forefront of the additive manufacturing industry.

But what exactly is the Adira AddCreative system? In simple terms, it is massive. The machine is so large that you need steps and a platform just to see inside it. This LPBF metal 3D printer, similar to SLM Solutions’ own offerings, offers an impressive build volume of 1000 x 1000 x 500 mm. The AddCreative system is manufactured by Adira, a renowned engineering company based in Portugal. While Adira offers a wide range of heavy-making equipment, they have decided to divest themselves of this particular line of business, paving the way for SLM Solutions to take over.

According to SLM Solutions, the integration of the AddCreative system into their product portfolio will be seamless. It boasts a larger build volume than SLM Solutions’ existing NXG XII 600 system, but falls short of their future large-scale system that is expected to offer build volumes of up to 3000 x 1200 x 1200 mm. This acquisition aligns perfectly with SLM Solutions’ goal of bridging the gap between their current systems and their future large-scale AM system.

Sam O’Leary, the CEO of SLM Solutions, believes that the inclusion of this advanced technology in their portfolio will not only enhance their offering but also revolutionize the manufacturing landscape. By constantly innovating and addressing their customers’ manufacturing challenges, SLM Solutions aims to solidify its position as a leader in the metal additive manufacturing market.

Interestingly, the AddCreative team from Adira will continue to design and develop the technology, now under the SLM Solutions banner. This strategic move demonstrates SLM Solutions’ dedication to leveraging their expertise and market presence to further improve and expand the capabilities of the AddCreative system.

When viewed from a strategic perspective, it is evident that SLM Solutions is positioning itself as a major player in the large-scale metal additive manufacturing market. By acquiring the AddCreative system and other products with increasing build volumes, they are actively working towards addressing the diverse needs of the industry.

Overall, this acquisition seems like a win-win situation for both SLM Solutions and Adira. SLM Solutions can utilize their existing market to drive progress with this technology, while Adira can focus on their core businesses. With this latest move, SLM Solutions continues to demonstrate their dedication to innovation and their commitment to shaping the future of additive manufacturing.

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