SLM Solutions strengthens its capability in large format additive manufacturing by acquiring Adira AddCreative’s technology.

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SLM Solutions, a leading metal 3D printer manufacturer, has announced the acquisition of Adira AddCreative’s large format Laser Beam Powder Bed Fusion (PBF-LB) technology. This move aims to enhance SLM Solutions’ already comprehensive portfolio of solutions and cater to a wide range of customer needs in additive manufacturing applications.

Adira AddCreative provides its technology based on the Fraunhofer ILT moveable process head solution. The technology supports a maximum of 12 lasers and operates on a spacious 1 m x 1 m build platform. It seamlessly aligns with SLM Solutions’ current product range, filling the gap between their existing systems and their future large-scale additive manufacturing system. The inclusion of Adira AddCreative’s technology expands SLM Solutions’ portfolio, offering more flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. This makes it particularly appealing to industries such as aerospace, energy, and defense.

The development of this technology was achieved by Adira’s AddCreative team in Vila Nova de Gaia, who have played a pivotal role in advancing additive manufacturing systems. They are expected to merge with SLM Solution’s global team to continue advancing the technology further. Miguel Gil Mata, Adira’s Addcreative Chairman and CEO of its parent company expressed his excitement about the integration of their innovative technology into one of the leading players in the 3D printing landscape. He sees it as recognition for the breakthroughs their team has achieved and an opportunity for their product to further develop within SLM.

In addition to SLM Solutions, other major players in the 3D printing industry have also been expanding their portfolios through strategic acquisitions. Solid Print, a sister company of Solid Solutions, acquired Swedish reseller 3D Verkstan to enhance their customer services and support. They also acquired 3DPRINTUK, which now operates under the TriMech Group and offers 3D printing, scanning, and design services. Nexa3D, a US-based 3D printer manufacturer, acquired Taiwanese XYZ Printing’s SLS business to gain access to their technology, distribution, and services. This deal allows Nexa3D to incorporate XYZ’s 3D printers into their own product lineup.

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The future of 3D printing holds tremendous potential, and engineers will face various challenges in the coming decade. Keeping up with the latest advancements and innovations will be crucial in tackling these challenges and pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing.

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