3D Printed Houses Shelter the Homeless in the Top 5 Videos

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Welcome to our unique blog post featuring the top stories in additive manufacturing. Today, we’ll take you through a colorful journey of groundbreaking videos that showcase the incredible capabilities of 3D printing.

First up, we have a heartwarming story from Chattanooga, Tennessee, where two individuals have transitioned from 3D printed shelters to permanent housing. With the help of Branch Technology and the Olivet Baptist Church, these individuals were able to find secure temporary housing solutions. The city plans to continue using these shelters to aid the homeless and facilitate their transition into permanent homes.

Next, we shift our focus to an innovative wallet designed for individuals with arthritis or tactile limitations. Developed by students from the University of Sydney, this wallet is not only user-friendly but also incorporates a locking mechanism. Using the power of 3D printing, these students have created a game-changing solution for those with physical challenges.

In the realm of construction, 3D-printed homes are rapidly gaining popularity. From Europe’s largest 3D-printed building in Heidelberg to a post office in Bengaluru, India, we are witnessing the revolution of cost-effective and speedy building methods that can address housing shortages worldwide.

Moving on, we tackle the issue of excessive fishing and the need for sustainable seafood alternatives. A research team led by Ph.D. Huang from the National University of Singapore has found a solution in 3D printing calamari. By bridging the gap in the market with sustainable alternatives, we can help protect our oceans and preserve marine life.

Finally, we touch on a serious topic – the unauthorized possession of 3D printed guns. Two men from Western Australia have been arrested and charged with manufacturing and selling these dangerous weapons. The potential risk these weapons pose is alarming, and it’s crucial that we address this issue to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands.

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That’s all for today’s blog post. We hope you found these stories as inspiring and thought-provoking as we did. Stay tuned for more exciting updates in the world of 3D printing!

Title: The Unfortunate Consequence of Online Blueprint Accessibility


The internet has revolutionized the way we access information and connect with others. However, with every advantage comes some unforeseen consequences. One such consequence is the accessibility of manufacturing blueprints online, which has contributed to a growing concern – the easy availability of weapon blueprints. In this blog post, we will explore the implications of this issue and discuss the need for stricter measures to remove these blueprints from the internet.

The Alarming Case:

Let’s begin by examining a recent case involving an 18-year-old who was arrested for printing a fully operational semi-automatic rifle using blueprints obtained online. This case serves as a chilling reminder of the potential dangers that arise from unrestricted access to such information. The charged individual will soon appear in court, further underscoring the urgency of addressing this matter.

The Expert Perspective:

To shed more light on the issue, we turn to an expert in 3D printing who has proposed stricter measures for removing weapon blueprints from the internet. This expert emphasizes the need for proactive steps to prevent unauthorized access to potentially dangerous designs. By imposing stronger restrictions and regulations, we can significantly reduce the chances of individuals misusing these resources.

The Ongoing Concern:

The availability of weapon blueprints online poses a significant challenge for law enforcement agencies. It not only increases the risk of firearms falling into the wrong hands but also makes it increasingly difficult to trace the origin of such weapons. This ongoing concern highlights the urgent need for robust measures to counteract this accessibility issue.

The Power of Collaboration:

In today’s interconnected world, it is crucial to work together to tackle such challenges. We urge individuals to watch the accompanying video to learn more about this situation and gain a deeper understanding of the issue at hand. We value your opinion and encourage you to share your thoughts about the top 5 videos of the week in the comment section or on our social media platforms.

Looking Ahead:

As we continue to navigate the digital landscape, it is essential for us to stay informed about the latest developments and precautionary measures. To ensure you receive firsthand updates, sign up for our free weekly Newsletter, where we deliver the latest 3D printing news straight to your inbox. Additionally, all our videos are available on our YouTube channel for easy access to valuable information and insights.


The accessibility of manufacturing blueprints online has inadvertently provided an avenue for potential misuse, raising concerns about the safety and security of society. The alarming case involving an 18-year-old and the ongoing concern regarding weapon blueprints necessitate stricter measures to remove these designs from the internet. By taking proactive actions, collaborating, and staying informed, we can work towards a safer future, where the advantages of technology are harnessed responsibly.

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