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This week, we are featuring a design called Filament umspulen by Georg Wittschier, a contributor on Thingiverse. While this design may seem simple at first glance, it is actually an incredibly useful tool for anyone operating a FFF 3D printer.

The purpose of this design is to enable the transfer of filament from one spool to another. This may be necessary when filament needs to be moved to differently-sized spools in order to fit into certain machines. Unfortunately, some 3D printer manufacturers require uniquely-sized spools for their equipment, which creates a problem for those with multiple machine types. All of your filament cannot be used on all of your machines.

The solution to this problem is to move the filament to the right-sized spool, and that is where this 3D printable device comes in handy. In the past, I have done this process manually, but it often requires an assistant to hold one spool while I spin another to coil up the filament. While this method allows for some social interaction with the assistant, it is not the most efficient way to do things. This device, however, can be operated by a single person. It includes holes to bolt the device to a sturdy table, and all the operator needs to do is crank the handle to quickly move the filament.

But that’s not all – this device is also useful in situations where a loose coil of filament needs to be transferred to a spool. I have personally encountered this problem when the original spool somehow breaks, leaving me with a loose coil of filament that is prone to tangling unless it is properly spooled. This device comes in handy in such situations and makes the transfer process much easier.

There are many reasons to like this design and make practical use of it. It is made up of eleven parts that are easy to print and assemble. If you have loose filament lying around, I highly recommend giving this design a try.

You can find the Filament umspulen design on Thingiverse (Deutsch). So go ahead and give it a shot – you won’t be disappointed!

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