In episode 165 of 3DPOD, Kerry Stevenson joins Fabbaloo to provide insights into the world of 3D printing industry.

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Kerry Stevenson, a former CTO in the Insurance industry, made a major career shift when he decided to delve into the world of 3D printing. With his newfound passion, he created a blog called Fabbaloo and since 2007, has been offering a fresh perspective on additive manufacturing to the industry.

In this enlightening episode of the 3DPOD podcast, Kerry opens up about his journey and provides a candid insight into the industry throughout the years. He discusses various trends, developments, disappointments, and breakthroughs that have shaped the 3D printing landscape.

As the podcast begins, Kerry’s enthusiasm for the subject is palpable. He shares his excitement about the constantly evolving world of additive manufacturing and how it has come a long way since he first got involved. Kerry talks about the immense potential he sees in 3D printing and how it has revolutionized various industries.

Throughout the conversation, Kerry delves into the notable trends that have emerged over the years. He highlights the continuous advancements in printer technology, materials, and software that have paved the way for groundbreaking applications. From healthcare to manufacturing, Kerry sees 3D printing as a game-changer, enabling greater customization, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency.

However, he doesn’t shy away from discussing the disappointments and challenges faced by the industry. Kerry acknowledges that while 3D printing has grown significantly, it has yet to fully meet some of the lofty expectations set early on. He reflects on the initial hype surrounding consumer 3D printers and how it eventually faded due to limitations in quality and usability. Nevertheless, he remains optimistic about the future and believes that continual progress will overcome these obstacles.

The conversation takes a fascinating turn as Kerry discusses the breakthrough moments that have left a lasting impact. From the introduction of metal 3D printing to advancements in bioprinting, he emphasizes the transformative power of these innovations. Kerry highlights the increasing adoption of 3D printing in aerospace, automotive, and medical fields, showcasing the potential for further growth and diversification.

To stay up-to-date with all the latest news in the 3D printing industry and access exclusive information and offers from third-party vendors, Kerry encourages listeners to subscribe and engage with the community. By doing so, they can be a part of the ever-evolving world of additive manufacturing and the exciting developments yet to come.

In conclusion, Kerry Stevenson’s deep industry experience and infectious enthusiasm shine through in this thought-provoking podcast episode. As he reflects on the journey of 3D printing, he invites listeners to ponder the past, present, and future of additive manufacturing, encouraging everyone to join the conversation and explore the limitless possibilities it holds.

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