INTAMSYS industrial 3D Printing allows automotive groups to experience a notable 80-90% acceleration in prototype verification.

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INTAMSYS, a global industrial 3D printer manufacturer, has recently partnered with KEXCELLED, a leading 3D printing materials supplier, to provide its FDM/FFF 3D printing solutions for SIKA’s Automotive Division in China. This collaboration has resulted in significant time and cost savings of up to 90% for SIKA’s automotive prototyping and development stages.

The automotive industry has seen the transformative potential of 3D printing, especially in the areas of rapid prototype trial production, functional prototype verification, tooling, and jigs & fixtures. It has also facilitated the production and application of spare parts for customized, discontinued, or small batch vehicles.

With its expertise in the automotive industry, INTAMSYS has successfully applied industrial 3D printing technology to produce various automotive interior and exterior accessories, including customized bumpers, steering wheel test pieces, racing car parts, and tail logo fixtures. Compared to traditional injection molding methods, INTAMSYS’ FDM/FFF 3D printing has drastically reduced time and cost, enabling rapid iterations and significant changes to be made within tight timelines.

In the collaboration with SIKA and KEXCELLED, INTAMSYS’ FUNMAT PRO 410 printers were used to produce 3D printed components, which were then bonded with SIKA’s eco-friendly plastic foam materials. This bonding not only ensured the required stiffness of the vehicle body but also provided additional benefits such as shockproofing, sound insulation, and noise reduction.

The selection of 3D printing materials played a crucial role in the success of this project. KEXCELLED’s PAHT K7 filament, known for its high rigidity and excellent impact strength, was chosen due to its characteristics of high performance and ease of use. This material maintained good accuracy, low creep performance, and demonstrated remarkable load-bearing capacity, meeting the various requirements for automotive components.

The advanced properties of KEXCELLED PAHT K7 filament required a 3D printer with exceptional capabilities. The INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410, an industrial-grade dual nozzle high-temperature 3D printer, met these requirements with its wire sealing and drying technology, multi-material coverage ability, and format printing size of 305 * 305 * 406mm.

Overall, this partnership between INTAMSYS, KEXCELLED, and SIKA marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry. By leveraging the power of 3D printing, SIKA has achieved remarkable time and cost savings, allowing for rapid innovation and customization in the automotive sector. As 3D printing technology continues to advance, we can expect even more transformative applications in various industries.

Plastics with extremely high accuracy and quality are revolutionizing the automotive industry. With the help of advanced technology and strict testing, companies like INTAMSYS are able to produce detailed and high-quality prints that accurately replicate the design model of automotive components.

One company that has benefited from this innovation is SIKA. By using INTAMSYS’ 3D printing solutions, SIKA was able to quickly and repeatedly verify their design, leading to changes in their plans for the BIW cavity noise isolation and structural enhancement components. This not only reduced the risk and cost of verifying and changing molds but also shortened the time for component design modification and the entire vehicle development cycle.

INTAMSYS offers a range of 3D printing solutions for the automotive industry, with a focus on high-performance materials. These materials are used to build fixed devices, gaskets, busbars, and other components in racing cars. They are also optimized for composite materials used in turbofan engine components and engineering materials used for air conditioning filter cover plates and steering wheel trial parts.

The company collaborates closely with leading enterprises in the automotive industry chain, including Porsche, Tesla, BMW, and Toyota. Their goal is to empower the development of electrification and smart manufacturing in the automotive industry.

As a global leading high-tech company, INTAMSYS is committed to promoting additive manufacturing as an innovative method for industrial creation. They are constantly seeking partnerships with leading enterprises to explore the potential of industrial 3D printing in a wider range of applications.

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The future of the automotive industry is being shaped by high-quality and accurate 3D printed components. Thanks to companies like INTAMSYS, the possibilities for innovation and advancement in this field are endless.

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