Kerry Stevenson joins Fabbaloo on 3DPOD Episode 165 to provide insights on the 3D printing industry.

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Kerry Stevenson, a former CTO in the Insurance industry, made a fascinating career shift towards 3D printing. His passion for this emerging technology led him to start a blog called Fabbaloo in 2007. Since then, he has been offering the industry his unique perspective on additive manufacturing.

In a recent episode of the 3DPOD podcast, Kerry shares his candid observations about the industry throughout the years. He delves into various topics such as the latest trends, significant developments, unexpected disappointments, and groundbreaking breakthroughs.

As technology continues to advance, it is crucial to stay updated and informed about the latest news and advancements in the 3D printing industry. By subscribing to Spotify or RSS, you can receive valuable information and exclusive offers from third-party vendors.

Kerry’s journey from the Insurance industry to becoming a prominent figure in the 3D printing world serves as an inspiration to those who are considering a career change or want to explore new fields of interest.

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