The goal of The Wood Project is to repurpose sawdust using AM technology, as reported by

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Woodworking has long been a traditional craft, but in recent years, a collaboration between Mexican studios Manufactura and La Metropolitana has breathed new life into the industry. “The Wood Project” combines classic woodworking techniques with modern technology to address the challenges of efficiency and sustainability.

One of the main hurdles faced by woodworking shops is the daily accumulation of sawdust. The Wood Project has found a solution by harnessing the power of robotic 3D printing to transform this waste material into intricate structures. This innovative approach not only minimizes waste but also opens up a wide range of applications, from architectural elements to furniture.

The process involves a semi-liquid extruder mounted on a robotic arm, which enables precise 3D printing of various geometries. The feedstock used in this process is a bio-composite made from sawdust, primarily sourced from the Tzalam tree. Through a collaboration between industry and academia, this material has been developed and refined to suit the 3D printing process.

Throughout experiments with the material, the project team discovered that the physical characteristics of the sawdust were influenced by the machinery responsible for producing it. Specifically, they found that sawdust derived from calibrating machines and the CNC router exhibited the most favorable attributes for 3D printing.

The Wood Project not only addresses the issue of waste in the woodworking industry but also emphasizes sustainable design and circular systems. By repurposing waste material and creating aesthetically pleasing structures, this project is carving a path towards a less wasteful future.

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