Advanced Ceramic Additive Manufacturing (AM) Technology is being developed by Coherent.

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When it comes to high-performance thermal management applications, especially for next-generation semiconductor capital equipment, Coherent Corp. is leading the pack with their groundbreaking additive manufacturing process. This innovative technique allows them to produce advanced ceramic components that are ideal for thermal management in high-performance applications.

In recent times, there has been a severe shortage of integrated circuits based on leading-edge nodes, leading to significant global investments in semiconductor manufacturing facilities equipped with state-of-the-art capital equipment. Coherent has recognized this need and has successfully developed proprietary materials and technologies that allow their ceramic components to match the quality and performance of those produced with traditional molding processes.

What sets Coherent’s additive manufacturing process apart is its ability to produce ceramic components that can be precision-machined using advanced laser-based techniques. This is crucial for the next generation of semiconductor capital equipment. Compared to the traditional molding process, additive manufacturing offers superior process capability, yield, and throughput. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for retooling between components, reducing lead times and minimizing waste.

Steve Rummel, the Senior VP of the Engineered Materials and Laser Optics Business Unit at Coherent, explained the significance of this breakthrough. He stated, “Ceramic additive manufacturing enables components that are lighter and have entirely new geometries, which are essential for next-generation semiconductor capital equipment designs. Until now, these components were of lower quality and precision compared to molded ceramic components. With this new breakthrough, our customers will benefit from the best of both worlds.”

Coherent is taking swift action to capitalize on this innovation by establishing a new ceramic additive manufacturing line in Temecula, California. Additionally, they have worked closely with their customers to develop a strategic roadmap for expanding their additive manufacturing capabilities beyond ceramics to a broader range of materials, including metals.

The ceramic components produced using Coherent’s proprietary additive manufacturing process boast impressive properties. They achieve a state-of-the-art elastic modulus of 365 GPa and a flexural strength of 290 MPa, making them ideal for various semiconductor equipment applications such as photolithography, deposition, and etching.

The team at Coherent is committed to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing and providing their customers with cutting-edge solutions. As they continue to expand their capabilities and explore new materials, the possibilities for high-performance thermal management applications in the semiconductor industry are endless.

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