Clay is 3D printed by Maker using a custom Ender 3 extruder, as reported by

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3D printing has completely revolutionized the way we approach manufacturing and design. With this technology, the possibilities are endless, allowing us to create intricate and complex objects with ease. However, when it comes to printing with clay, there have always been challenges that we have had to overcome.

Luckily, maker David Sfier has developed an updated extruder that is specifically designed to work with an Ender 3 printer, making clay 3D printing more accessible and practical than ever before. What sets this custom extruder apart is its ability to handle clay, a material that defies traditional spool-based storage.

Instead of relying on a spool, the extruder uses a clear tube to feed lightly pressurized clay into the nozzle. As air escapes from the top, an auger (a device used to move materials) efficiently homogenizes the clay and propels it through the nozzle. This ingenious design solves the common problem of air bubbles in clay printing, as it allows for the air to vent through a narrow gap at the top, ensuring a smooth flow of clay.

Sfier drew inspiration from other clay-printing pioneers such as Piotr Waśniowski and his de-airing clay extruder, as well as Jonathan Keep, whose comprehensive documentation on 3D printing with clay is easily available. The diversity of challenges in clay printing invites continual innovation, with unconventional methods like using a subwoofer under a print bed leading to unique patterns.

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3D printing with clay is an exciting and rapidly evolving field. The development of this updated extruder by David Sfier represents a significant step forward in making clay 3D printing more accessible and practical. With continued innovation and experimentation, we can expect to see even more groundbreaking advancements in the world of clay printing.

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