Enhance Your IKEA Experience with Upgraded Assistive 3D Prints from Enable 3D and Uppgradera.

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3D Printing and Uppgradera Collaborate to Enhance IKEA Products

You may have heard of the global phenomenon known as “IKEA hacking”, where people modify and add-on to the popular Swedish furniture retailer’s products to improve their functionality. IKEA is known for its simple and affordable designs that can be found in households all over the world. However, like any mass-produced items, some of these products have certain usage issues.

To address this problem, Enable 3D, a non-profit organization focused on promoting assistive technologies, has partnered with Uppgradera, the company of designer Adam Miklósi, to release a new set of assistive 3D prints specifically designed for IKEA products. Enable 3D offers an array of 3D printable models that assist disabled or semi-disabled individuals, allowing them to navigate common items that require precise motion.

In this latest collaboration, Uppgradera Collection 3, five new assistive 3D models have been added to Enable 3D’s index, all of which are available for free download and printing. These models cover some of IKEA’s best-selling products, from cheese graters to clothing racks, presenting a new level of design that consumers can use to enhance the functionality of their IKEA purchases.

The video showcases the design process behind these assistive prints, accompanied by real-life examples. For instance, one of the designs is a tumbler stabilizer that can be clipped to an IKEA tray, preventing the tumbler from sliding around if the carrier is unstable. This simple yet effective design solves a potentially troublesome problem for individuals with shaky hands.

Another example, specifically designed for the IKEA cheese grater, addresses the issue of cheese bits falling to the side during grating. This particular mod introduces a small wall around the grating area to contain the cheese, making it easier to pour the stray bits back into the container.

What is remarkable about these designs is their universal applicability. Although primarily developed for individuals with disabilities, anyone can benefit from these upgrades. Enable 3D and Uppgradera have made all of these designs available to the public for free, emphasizing their commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

It is important to note that while the designs themselves are provided at no cost, users will still need to purchase the corresponding IKEA items. However, the investment is well worth it, as these 3D prints can significantly enhance the functionality and usability of IKEA products.

The partnership between Enable 3D and Uppgradera showcases the power of 3D printing technology in providing innovative and customizable solutions. This collaboration demonstrates how assistive technologies can be seamlessly integrated into everyday life, ensuring that people of all abilities can enjoy the benefits of well-designed and accessible products.

Enable 3D and Uppgradera are at the forefront of this movement, revolutionizing the way we think about assistive technologies and challenging the boundaries of design and inclusivity. By harnessing the potential of 3D printing, they are empowering individuals to take control of their environments, enabling them to live more independently and comfortably.

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