Materialise is expanding its facility in Michigan to further support cranio-maxillofacial 3D printing.

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Title: Materialise Expands Its Footprint in the US to Advance Personalized Medical Care


From the heart of Belgium to the bustling medical hubs of America, Materialise (Nasdaq: MTLS) is making significant strides. Traditionally focused on 3D printing its titanium cranio-maxillofacial (CMF) implants solely in Belgium, the company has expanded its operations to Plymouth, Michigan. This move aims to ensure faster and more reliable access to these implants for American doctors, ultimately improving personalized medical care across the country.

The Role of 3D Printing in Advancing Patient Care:

As the medical field becomes increasingly aware of the pivotal role of 3D printing in patient-specific care, the market for medical 3D printing is estimated to reach $6.08 billion by 2027, according to SmarTech Analysis. The technology offers enhanced surgical predictability, precision, and substantial time savings during surgery. For example, a study in Academic Radiology demonstrated that using 3D-printed anatomical models could reduce surgery time by an average of 62 minutes, resulting in improved patient safety and significant cost savings.

Materialise’s Impact in the Medical Sphere:

Materialise has been a driving force behind the widespread use of 3D printing in the medical sphere. With over 30 years of experience, the company produces more than 280,000 personalized 3D printed instruments and implants annually, with 160,000 tailored specifically for the US market. Their advancements have supported over 30,000 surgeries through Materialise Personalized Solutions and include more than five million implants placed globally through their Materialise Standard+ Solutions.

Noteworthy Milestones:

Materialise introduced one of the first personalized CMF implant portfolios in the US in 2017, underscoring its commitment to innovation. In 2021, the brand played a vital role in the world’s first simultaneous double hand and face transplant at NYU Langone Health in Manhattan.

The Importance of the New Facility:

The new Plymouth facility will exclusively focus on 3D printing personalized titanium CMF implants that are crucial for facial reconstructive surgeries. By establishing this dedicated facility in the US, Materialise ensures that surgeons’ specific needs are met with unmatched reliability. Additionally, it significantly reduces the delivery time for these fully personalized implants, ultimately benefiting US patients.

Comprehensive CMF Solutions:

Materialise offers a comprehensive suite of CMF solutions that cater to various surgical needs, such as orthognathic and neurosurgery, reconstructive procedures, and trauma care. These personalized and off-the-shelf offerings are supported by advanced 3D planning tools and the expertise of global clinical engineers. The European CE mark certification streamlines administrative tasks, making the process more efficient for healthcare providers.

Expanding US Operations:

Wilfried Vancraen, Materialise’s CEO, recently announced a significant expansion of the company’s US operations during the latest earnings call. Despite challenges faced in the second quarter of 2023, the medical division experienced robust growth, with revenue increasing by 20%. The new facility in Plymouth not only complements Materialise’s existing US production of 3D printed surgical guides but also strengthens its partnership with Johnson & Johnson.


Materialise’s expansion in the US underscores the growing demand for innovative solutions in healthcare. Localized production facilities are crucial in addressing regional demands and reducing logistical challenges. With its relentless focus on personalized care and innovative advancements, Materialise continues to drive the adoption of 3D printing in medical practices, ultimately improving patient outcomes.

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