Creating pet prosthetics by using iPhone and Additive Manufacturing (AM) for printing – according to

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Often, we fail to recognize the true potential of our smartphones. However, innovative companies like 3D Pets in New Jersey are changing that perception by showing us how these devices can be harnessed for noble and compassionate purposes. By utilizing the LiDAR and TrueDepth camera features of iPhones, 3D Pets is revolutionizing the way animals with limb deformities or amputations are assisted. Recently, Apple and tech influencer Marques Brownlee have praised 3D Pets’ work in creating customized prosthetics for pets. The process involves capturing a 3D scan of the animal using the TrueDepth camera and subsequently designing and 3D printing a prosthesis that is tailor-made for each pet.

What sets 3D Pets apart is not just their cutting-edge technology but also their genuine care for animals. Their mission is nothing short of transformational – to completely change the way we improve the mobility of our animal companions. Through their exceptional customer service, constant pursuit of improvement through the latest technologies, and unwavering dedication to their cause, 3D Pets is making waves in the field of pet orthotics and prosthetics.

Their latest innovations include full-limb prosthetics and carts that far surpass older, less effective solutions for pets with mobility issues. By seamlessly combining 3D scanning, personalized software, and 3D printing, 3D Pets has made significant strides in modernizing pet prosthetics and orthotics. They are providing solutions for animals that have lost limbs or suffer from deformities, ensuring that each solution is specifically tailored to improve the mobility and overall quality of life for these beloved pets.

But the impact of 3D Pets’ work goes beyond addressing mobility problems. It is a testament to the positive difference technology can make in the lives of our cherished furry friends. These advancements not only enhance the physical well-being of animals but also bring hope and joy to their owners, who can witness firsthand the transformative power of technology.

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