Formnext’s transcontinental journey to the USA: Traveling from Frankfurt to Austin.

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Formnext Forum Austin 2023: Shaking Up the 3D Printing Industry in North America

Formnext, the renowned 3D print exhibition held annually in Frankfurt, Germany, is making a groundbreaking move by expanding its presence to the United States. The upcoming Formnext Forum Austin 2023, to be held in Austin, Texas, marks the first North American iteration of this celebrated event.

You might wonder why Formnext is venturing across the Atlantic instead of having exhibitors and visitors converge on Germany each year. The answer is simple: economics. The cost of traveling from North America to Europe, coupled with the expenses associated with shipping heavy and delicate equipment, can be prohibitive for many manufacturers. By establishing a North American site, it becomes more accessible for manufacturers based in this region to partake in the event, helping to level the playing field.

In the past, North American manufacturers often had smaller displays at the Germany-based event due to logistical and financial constraints. With the introduction of the North American Formnext Forum, these manufacturers will now have the opportunity to showcase their products and innovations more effectively. This shift also means that European manufacturers may face a similar dilemma when it comes to exhibiting at the Austin show, leading to a potential rebalancing of representation between the two locations.

This expansion is excellent news for both manufacturers and attendees, as it opens up new avenues for collaboration and showcases the latest advancements in 3D printing technology. However, this development may not be received positively by other entities in the industry, such as Rapid+TCT, the premier 3D print trade show in North America.

Rapid+TCT, while smaller in scale compared to Formnext, has historically attracted a significant number of exhibitors. However, with Formnext’s foray into the North American market, manufacturers attending these events will inevitably face a tough decision regarding where to allocate their marketing resources. Will they invest in creating a notable presence at one major event, or spread their efforts across both, resulting in smaller displays and teams on-site?

Ultimately, this competition between Formnext Forum Austin and Rapid+TCT will likely lead to a consolidation in the industry. The one that can attract more exhibitors and offer superior resources and support will come out on top. Here, Formnext already has a considerable advantage with its established operations outside of North America, enabling it to bolster the Austin event’s success through financial backing and other resources. In contrast, Rapid+TCT lacks this additional support.

Nevertheless, Rapid+TCT currently holds the leading position in the North American market. As the Formnext Austin event concludes, manufacturers will face critical decisions about their participation in future years. It’s safe to assume that ultimately, only one event will flourish, as the industry consolidates around the dominant platform.

The emergence of Formnext Forum Austin 2023 marks an exciting chapter in the 3D printing industry’s evolution in North America. As manufacturers and industry professionals gear up for this new era, it remains to be seen which event will emerge triumphant. Will Formnext’s financial backing and international reputation propel it to success, or will Rapid+TCT’s established foothold prove indomitable? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, let’s embrace this development and eagerly anticipate the innovations and partnerships that will shape the future of 3D printing on both continents.

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