HartSmart Products has unveiled an Industrial 3D Printer for Aerospace, Automotive, and More, proudly made in the USA.

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Title: Embracing the Power of Domestic Manufacturing: HartSmart Products’ HSPI-I 3D Printer


HartSmart Products, a 3D printer shop operating in Urbandale, Iowa since 2015, has recently unveiled its latest product, the HSPI-I. Combining their expertise and experience with printers and their own print farm, HartSmart has developed an industrial 3D printer with impressive features and capabilities. With a strong focus on quality and versatility, the HSPI-I aims to serve the aerospace, industrial, and automotive markets, offering both end-use parts and prototypes. In this blog post, we explore the significance of domestically manufactured 3D printers, the demand for reliable systems, and the potential opportunities in the market.

Unveiling the HSPI-I:

The HSPI-I is HartSmart Products’ newest addition to their lineup of 3D printers. It is proudly made in the USA, with a construction that reflects the company’s commitment to enhance customer service through a domestically crafted product. Sporting a build volume of 640mm x 650mm x 1,000mm, the HSPI-I is equipped with advanced features such as filtration, dual independent extrusion Tokoto HE20 print heads, mesh and tilt bed leveling, internal filament bays, and linear rails on all axes. Furthermore, this printer is open, giving users the freedom to choose their preferred slicer and material.

Demand for Reliable and Efficient Systems:

In a market flooded with unreliable and cost-prohibitive options, the HSPI-I aims to provide a reliable and affordable prototyping machine. HartSmart’s CEO, Brandon Hart, emphasizes their goal of enabling more businesses to access rapid prototyping capabilities. By prioritizing functionality and performance over excessive marketing flair, the HSPI-I focuses on delivering consistent, high-throughput, and cost-effective performance day after day. In an industry where aesthetics and margins sometimes overshadow essential functionalities, there is an unmet need for straightforward, reliable 3D printing systems.

The Power of Domestic Production:

Domestically manufactured 3D printers, supported by local companies, resonate with customers seeking prompt solutions and a sense of professional alignment. Similar strategies have proven successful for firms like Filament Innovations and re:3D. In an era of reshoring and supply chain sustainability incentivized by governmental initiatives such as the “Made in America” executive order, the Inflation Reduction Act, Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, and CHIPS Act, the demand for domestically produced 3D printers is likely to increase. Concerns about conducting business with Chinese companies in certain sectors and the U.S. military’s need for emergency fabrication and rapid iteration further bolster the potential of the ‘Made in the USA’ 3D printer market.

Opportunities Ahead:

The potential market for domestically manufactured 3D printers is vast, with enterprises seeking reliable equipment to fulfill their manufacturing needs. The U.S. military alone presents a significant opportunity as it looks to equip its bases and ships with polymer 3D printers. By focusing on domestic production and services, companies like HartSmart Products can tap into these markets and benefit from emerging subsidies related to reshoring and supply chain sustainability.


The HSPI-I from HartSmart Products stands as a testament to the power of domestic manufacturing and the demand for reliable 3D printing systems. By offering a cost-effective, robust, and ‘Made in the USA’ solution, HartSmart aims to cater to the aerospace, industrial, and automotive markets, while promoting customer service and professional alignment. As initiatives to prioritize domestic production gain momentum, the opportunities in this market are set to expand, creating a prosperous future for companies embracing the potential of domestically manufactured 3D printers.

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