Roboze’s reseller network is expanding globally, reaching everywhere from Italy.

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Roboze recently made an exciting announcement, introducing several new resellers for their innovative industrial high-temperature 3D printers. This news highlights the crucial role that resellers play for manufacturers like Roboze. Having experienced significant success in recent years, Roboze attributes part of their achievements to their reseller strategy.

Manufacturers excel at creating exceptional machines but often lack the expertise in selling their products. Resellers, on the other hand, specialize in the art of selling but lack the capability to manufacture machines. This partnership between manufacturers and resellers allows each to focus on their strengths and contribute to the overall success of the product.

One significant advantage that resellers bring to the table is their local reach. Roboze, for instance, is based in Bari, Italy, which is quite far from other potential markets such as Oslo, Pittsburgh, Buenos Aires, and Adelaide. Setting up a sales operation in each of these regions would be prohibitively expensive for Roboze. Additionally, the initial sales in these territories may be small, making it financially impractical to establish a local sales force. However, by partnering with resellers, Roboze can tap into the resellers’ existing distribution network and leverage their established presence in these regions.

Resellers typically sell a variety of products from multiple manufacturers, allowing them to turn a profit even if they do not sell a high volume of units from a specific manufacturer. This holds true for support and service as well. With resellers physically present in the respective regions, customers can enjoy excellent customer service and support that a distant manufacturer may struggle to provide. The resellers’ localized knowledge and connections further enhance their value as they understand the unique needs and preferences of their customers in a specific region.

By collaborating with resellers, manufacturers like Roboze can quickly expand their sales presence. Resellers exist worldwide, and it is simply a matter of striking deals and supplying them with the product. This strategic move by Roboze is commendable, as reseller customers tend to develop loyalty towards their chosen resellers. This loyalty translates into repeat and expanded sales over time, creating a solid customer base in each region.

Establishing a strong reseller network has proven successful for many major players in the 3D printing industry. Roboze’s recent announcement indicates their ambition to join these industry giants. By continuously adding resellers to their network, Roboze can pursue rapid growth and establish a strong market presence.

In conclusion, the importance of resellers for manufacturers like Roboze cannot be overstated. Their expertise in selling, local reach, and customer connections make them invaluable partners. Through strategic collaboration and expansion of their reseller network, Roboze is poised for further success in the 3D printing industry.

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