The R&D 100 Award was secured by the bionic toolholder that was additively manufactured, as reported by

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A Pennsylvania-based company, Kennametal Inc., has been awarded the prestigious 2023 R&D 100 Award for its unique toolholder designed for machining large engine and transmission housings. The toolholder, created using Kennametal’s KENionicTM technology, is lighter and faster than traditional tooling, thanks to its topologically optimized design. This toolholder is a testament to Kennametal’s expertise in materials science, precision machining, bionics-inspired design, and additive manufacturing.

Dr. Carlonda Reilly, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, expressed her pride in the company’s achievement, stating, “This is a prime example of our industry-leading expertise in materials science, precision machining, bionics-inspired design, and additive manufacturing, which drives Kennametal’s innovation. We are always looking for opportunities to use our core capabilities to continually innovate for our customers, and we are thrilled that our KENionic™ technology has been recognized with this award.”

The KENionic technology used in the toolholder represents a new level of additive manufacturing tools. These tools are designed to mimic the efficiency of organic adaptations found in nature. The lightweight LPBF steel cutter body of the toolholder allows for quick and easy tooling changes and enhances operational agility with rapid acceleration and deceleration. The additive manufacturing configuration of the toolholder also allows for the incorporation of multiple channels for precise coolant delivery, improving overall efficiency.

Kennametal is inviting customers to share their thoughts on this innovative toolholder on their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. They also encourage readers to sign up for their weekly additive manufacturing newsletter to stay updated on the latest industry news.

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