Introducing a colossal robotic machine for 3D metal printing, MX3D presents their latest innovation.

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Today, MX3D unveiled their latest innovation in the world of 3D printing: a large robotic system capable of printing metal parts. This Amsterdam-based company, with ten years of experience in developing robotic additive manufacturing (AM) tools, has been refining the Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) process for several years.

In WAAM, a metal wire is melted and deposited by a toolhead in a continuous motion. This unique method enables the system to construct large metal objects. MX3D claims that their robotic WAAM or Wire-DED system is renowned for its ability to print large-scale metal parts quickly and efficiently, with excellent material and mechanical properties across various metal alloys.

Now, MX3D takes a leap forward with their extended and heavy-duty robotic system. With its high level of flexibility, automated productivity tools, and integrated sensors system, this new machine promises to deliver autonomous 3D metal printing at an even faster speed, with higher quality and lower operating costs. All these advantages come in an enclosed unit called the MX Metal AM System, capable of producing huge metal objects weighing up to 5 tonnes.

One of the standout features of the MX Metal AM System is its massive build volume, measuring 6000 x 1500 x 3500 mm. This capacity far surpasses that of typical 3D printers and makes it one of the largest available for metal 3D printing. Moreover, the MX Metal AM system incorporates a powerful 8-axis robotic configuration, enabling the production of any conceivable geometric shape.

MX3D specifically targets businesses in need of cast or forge tools, aiming to save them time and money by quickly producing these tools on-site. Unlike casting or forging, the MX Metal AM System eliminates the need for costly tooling. This means that businesses can print the required tools immediately, even in small quantities that would otherwise be uneconomical to produce. This feature makes the MX Metal AM System particularly attractive for industries such as mining, where large metal parts play a critical role and remote locations often pose logistical challenges.

Another noteworthy aspect of the MX Metal AM System is its versatility. Customers have the option to customize the robotic system to suit their needs, with renowned brands like ABB and KUKA robotics and Fronius’ advanced welding equipment. This flexibility allows MX3D to cater to clients seeking tailor-made solutions for printing large, heavy, and custom metal components.

It is evident that MX3D has come a long way, as the MX Metal AM System represents a significant advancement from their previous robotic systems. With this new offering, the company is poised to penetrate more markets and experience substantial growth.

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