Stratum3D introduces Sintratec’s affordable SLS 3D printing to Norway.

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Sintratec, a company known for its affordable selective laser sintering (SLS) technology, is expanding its presence in Scandinavia through a partnership with Stratum3D. This collaboration has the potential to bring significant advancements in additive manufacturing (AM) to the region, offering innovative and cost-effective solutions for businesses. Sintratec’s All Material Platform (AMP) adds technical capabilities to the partnership, allowing for the production of high-quality polymer parts with intricate geometries and internal structures. The modular design of the AMP enables scalability, making it suitable for small operations and larger enterprises alike. The streamlined material-changing process of the AMP also saves time and costs, making it versatile for projects with different material requirements.

While there are other SLS printers available, Sintratec’s AMP stands out for its modularity and scalability, providing businesses with a unique level of flexibility. This allows businesses to adapt the system to their specific needs, whether they require entry-level capabilities or a more extensive setup. Sintratec’s SLS technology excels at creating complex and durable components without the need for support structures, giving designers more creative freedom. This technology has been used in various sectors, such as automotive and medical devices, where precise geometries and high performance are crucial. The AMP modules further enhance the capabilities of Sintratec’s SLS systems, allowing for rapid material changes without significant downtime, ensuring efficient production lines.

On the other side of the partnership, Stratum3D is a Norwegian company that focuses on expanding access to 3D printing technologies. They offer a wide range of 3D printers, scanners, and materials, particularly specializing in technical plastic materials with specific properties like strength, chemical resistance, static electricity resistance, and flame retardance. Stratum3D already distributes well-known brands and has now added Sintratec’s SLS systems to its product range. Stratum3D CEO John Henrik Bergene expresses excitement about the partnership and the opportunities it brings to the Norwegian market.

For Sintratec, this partnership is a significant milestone in its European expansion strategy and strengthens its presence in Norway, a country known for its technological advancements. Scandinavia is known for embracing technology and innovation, as seen in the integration of 3D printing by major companies like Equinor in their oil and gas operations and by Norrde in land-based fish farming equipment. These examples demonstrate the opportunities and potential of 3D printing in various industries, including efficiency improvements, customization, and the use of recycled materials.

How 3D Printing Projects in Norway are Revolutionizing Business

Norway is experiencing a transformation in its business landscape, and it’s all thanks to the incredible advancements in 3D printing technology. These projects not only save time and money but also benefit the environment. This innovative technology has the potential to change the way businesses operate not only in Norway but also throughout Scandinavia.

One company that is playing a significant role in this revolution is Sintratec, a leading provider of high-quality SLS systems. They have recently entered the Norwegian market through their partnership with Stratum3D, a well-established distributor with a wide range of products. This collaboration is set to have a profound impact on various industries, including healthcare and aerospace.

The key advantage of this partnership lies in Stratum3D’s existing relationships and extensive product range, which make them an ideal partner for Sintratec in the Scandinavian market. Together, they aim to provide businesses in the region with more efficient material changes and streamlined industrial 3D printing solutions.

One of the main benefits of this collaboration is the access businesses will have to Sintratec’s advanced AMP modules. These modules will enable companies to experience streamlined material changes and take advantage of industrial-grade 3D printing capabilities. This breakthrough technology will not only enhance the efficiency of manufacturing processes but also reduce costs for Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises.

Both Sintratec and Stratum3D bring unique strengths to this partnership. Their combined expertise and resources will introduce a new level of quality and innovation to the local market. As a result, Norwegian businesses can expect to see significant improvements in their operations and product development.

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In conclusion, 3D printing projects in Norway are transforming the way businesses operate. With Sintratec’s high-quality SLS systems making their mark in the Scandinavian market through their partnership with Stratum3D, businesses can expect more efficient material changes and streamlined industrial 3D printing solutions. This collaboration will bring affordable access to high-quality AM solutions for Norwegian small and medium-sized enterprises. The future of business in Norway and Scandinavia looks promising with the introduction of these groundbreaking technologies.

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