Apple is conducting experiments using 3D printing technology in order to fabricate components for their devices.

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Apple is revolutionizing its manufacturing process for the upcoming Apple Watch Series 9 models by incorporating 3D printing technology, according to insider reports. This new technique not only reduces the amount of material required, but also significantly shortens the production time of these devices.

Instead of using the traditional CNC manufacturing method that relies on large slabs of metal, Apple is experimenting with a method called “binder jetting.” This process involves printing the outline of the device using a powdered substance, which closely mimics its final shape. The material is then compressed under heat and pressure to create a steel-like substance, which is then refined through milling.

This information aligns with previous predictions made by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra would feature 3D printed mechanical parts. Kuo believes that Apple is actively embracing this technology, with plans to incorporate 3D printed components, particularly titanium parts, in the new Apple Watch Ultra.

Rumors suggest that Apple intends to utilize this innovative 3D printing method for the chassis of the stainless steel Apple Watch Series 9 models. However, it appears that Apple is actively exploring the viability of this manufacturing technique, and its application could extend beyond just the chassis.

Implementing 3D printing would bring several advantages to Apple’s production process. By improving manufacturing times and potentially reducing costs, this technology could prove to be a game-changer for the company. Kuo even hinted that if the 2023 Apple Watch models’ 3D printing test runs smoothly, Apple may expand its use to other devices in the future.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple and its suppliers have been diligently working on developing this 3D printing method for at least three years. If the initial stages of implementing this technology through Apple Watch tests are successful, Apple plans to expand its use to other products over the next few years.

This development points to Apple’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its constant quest for excellence in manufacturing. With 3D printing, Apple aims to further elevate its product quality, streamline production processes, and deliver even better products to its customers. As we eagerly await the launch of the Apple Watch Series 9, it will be interesting to witness how this cutting-edge manufacturing technique transforms the future of Apple’s device production.

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