Which Binder Jet 3D Printing is being used by Apple to manufacture Smartwatches?

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Apple Inc., the famous tech giant known for its innovative products, is making headlines once again. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple is testing the use of binder jet 3D printers to manufacture the steel chassis for its future smartwatches. This move could potentially disrupt the manufacturing industry and change how other tech companies approach production.

While Apple is highly secretive about its operations, it is widely known that the company already utilizes additive manufacturing (AM) for various applications like prototyping, tooling, and research and development. There have also been rumors about Apple’s patents related to 3D printing technology, leading to speculations about its usage in product design.

The Bloomberg report adds credibility to the notion that Apple is now exploring 3D printing for end part production. This possibility was initially raised by financial analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated that Apple would be using laser powder bed fusion (LPBF) to 3D print titanium parts for the Apple Watch Ultra.

The latest Bloomberg story expands on this idea by suggesting that Apple is now exploring metal binder jetting to 3D print the steel chassis of its smartwatches. This detail is crucial because it aligns with the current market trend, where 3D printing company Stratasys is reportedly in talks to merge with binder jet firm Desktop Metal.

The question that arises is which binder jet technology Apple is utilizing. It could be systems from Desktop Metal or Markforged, both specializing in binder jetting. Another possibility is GE’s large-scale binder jetting technology, although it might be excessive for watch production. Considering Apple’s close ties with Asian manufacturers, it might also be connected to a Chinese company like EasyMFG.

Analyzing the situation, 3D printing macro analyst Matt Kremenetsky suggests that Berkshire Hathaway’s significant investment stake in Apple and its status as HP’s largest shareholder point to the likelihood of Apple using HP’s Metal Jet S100 binder jetting platform. This would be beneficial for HP’s 3D printing divisions, as Apple’s partnership could potentially drive profitability.

Regardless of the chosen manufacturer, Apple’s endorsement and reliance on 3D printing for end part production would mark a significant shift for the AM industry. As the world’s most profitable business, Apple holds immense influence in design, marketing, and manufacturing. Its embrace of 3D printing would give the technology the validation and recognition it needs to propel forward, especially as governments and businesses globally prioritize sustainable production and supply chain stability.

Currently, the 3D printing industry is valued at approximately $13.5 billion. However, with growing government support and a compound annual growth rate of 25 percent, it is poised for significant expansion. 3D printing offers benefits like reduced shipping emissions and supply chain resilience by enabling local production. Apple’s involvement in this sector could have a serendipitous effect, boosting its growth further.

In conclusion, Apple’s experimentation with binder jet 3D printing technology for its smartwatch production holds immense potential for disrupting the manufacturing industry. As Apple’s influence ripples through the market, it could pave the way for further adoption of 3D printing, amplifying its importance in sustainable production and supply chain resilience.

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