EOS is offering a free tool to analyze parts and provide an answer to the question: “Is it possible to 3D print this?”

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Introducing the Can I 3D Print This Tool: Making 3D Printing More Accessible

The 3D printing industry has been rapidly growing and evolving, with new advancements and innovations constantly being introduced. As more organizations and individuals become interested in exploring the possibilities of industrial additive manufacturing, it is important to have tools and resources that make it accessible to beginners. That’s where the Can I 3D Print This tool comes in.

Developed by 3D printer manufacturer EOS North America and its Additive Minds applied engineering group, Can I 3D Print This is an online analysis tool that aims to make metal and polymer 3D printing more accessible to those who are new to the technology. The user-friendly platform allows users to input information about their desired part and generates a comprehensive report on its 3D printability.

“For those who are new to AM, the journey often begins with the most basic question about applications or assemblies: ‘Can I 3D Print This?'” explained Dr. David Krzeminski, senior Additive Minds consultant at EOS North America. “Our new Can I 3D Print This tool helps with initial decision-making by empowering potential users to explore and gather information about the promise of AM within their organization.”

The tool allows users to input information about their current manufacturing methods and part design file, and from this information, it generates a comprehensive analysis. This includes cost estimation, predicted production time, a recommended (EOS) 3D printer, and recommended material. The analysis also includes cost-per-part comparisons, production timelines, application geometry analysis, and material usage when leveraging 3D printing over traditional processes.

Not only does Can I 3D Print This provide valuable insights and data, but it also offers a direct line of collaboration with the Additive Minds team. Users can download a report on the analysis and decide if they need to seek professional help from the Additive Minds team.

EOS collaborated with 3D printing software developer CASTOR to develop the Can I 3D Print This platform. While the tool is currently only available in North America, EOS is exploring the possibility of a global offering. Additionally, users are currently limited to the analysis of five parts, but large batch analysis and application or assemblies can be carried out in collaboration with EOS’ Additive Minds engineering team.

This tool is not the first of its kind, as other companies have also developed online tools to optimize part analysis and identification. Finnish additive manufacturing software company SelectAM launched a 3D printing part identification software that supports a wide range of input files. It includes an embedded rapid slicer and enables automated material mapping between traditional and 3D printing materials. CASTOR, on the other hand, offers its own proprietary software to optimize cost control in industrial additive manufacturing.

The Can I 3D Print This tool is a significant step towards making 3D printing more accessible to organizations and individuals who are new to the technology. By providing valuable analysis and insights, it helps users make informed decisions about incorporating 3D printing into their manufacturing processes. With the continued advancements in the 3D printing industry, tools like Can I 3D Print This are essential in driving its widespread adoption and enabling organizations to fully leverage the benefits of additive manufacturing.

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