3D Printing enhances the modularity of synthesizers by making them more modular.

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Introducing GeertRack: A Revolutionary Approach to Modular Synth Setups

The world of modular synthesizers is constantly evolving, with new innovations and concepts pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music. In this ever-changing landscape, Geert Bevin, a renowned figure in the field, has introduced a truly groundbreaking concept: 3D printed modular cases that are themselves modular. This new approach, known as GeertRack, is generating a buzz in the music tech community and turning heads for its ingenious design.

Traditionally, modular synth setups have relied on fixed racks and screws to hold modules in place. This approach, while effective, has its limitations. Musicians often find themselves struggling with tools and limited horizontal space when it comes to swapping modules. GeertRack revolutionizes this process by providing individual boxes for each module, eliminating the need for a fixed rack and tools. Instead, modules simply slot into their designated boxes, and a cover snaps in place to hold them together securely.

The benefits of GeertRack are numerous. Musicians can easily swap modules without the hassle of screws or the worry of available space. This newfound modularity allows for greater flexibility and creativity in assembling a modular synth setup. Geert’s innovative design has garnered attention and discussions on forums, with users excitedly sharing their thoughts and suggestions.

GeertRack represents a paradigm shift in the world of modular synthesizers. Its forward-thinking approach promises a bright future for modular synthesis enthusiasts. While release details are still being worked out, the initial response to GeertRack has been overwhelmingly positive. The music tech community eagerly awaits the opportunity to embrace this new concept and explore the possibilities it presents.

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