Matthäus Szturc’s High-Speed Design has officially released The 100 DIY 3D Printer.

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Matthäus Szturc, also known as Matt the Printing Nerd, has recently unveiled the design for The 100, an incredibly fast do-it-yourself 3D printer. Szturc has been working on this experimental open-source printer for about a year now, and the results are impressive.

Back in March, we wrote about The 100, a machine concept that tackled the issue of vibration in a unique way. The printer’s “center of gravity” design effectively corralled vibration, allowing the machine to operate at much higher speeds than traditional 3D printers. One standout feature of The 100 was its fully 3D printed frame, a departure from the conventional belief that the frame should be rigid to counteract vibration.

After months of refinement, Szturc has now released the first official open-source version of The 100’s design. The new design includes two significant improvements. Firstly, the 3D printed frame has been modified to intentionally channel excess vibration, taking advantage of the predictably vibratory performance of PLA. This innovative approach allows the frame to compensate for the vibration, resulting in improved performance. With the new construction, The 100 can handle 50% higher accelerations and 30% higher speeds.

Secondly, the toolhead has undergone a redesign to improve cooling. Adequate cooling is vital for high-speed printing, as each layer must be completely frozen before the next one can be printed. Through advanced airflow simulations, Szturc identified issues with the previous air ducting design that hindered airflow. Using simulations once again, a new design was developed that provides 65% more cooling power. This enhanced cooling capability allows for printing overhangs at up to 75 degrees at speeds between 220-250mm/s.

Both of these improvements have contributed to The 100’s faster printing speeds and increased reliability. The design files for The 100 are available as open source and can be downloaded from Printables for anyone to utilize. Amazingly, the estimated cost of materials for The 100 is around $300, significantly less than other high-speed 3D printers in the market.

However, building The 100 is not a simple task. It requires approximately 20 hours of construction and an additional 10 hours for calibration before the machine is ready for use. Fortunately, Szturc has created user-friendly instructional guides to help users through the building process.

Overall, The 100 is an exciting project that offers the potential for the fastest and most affordable 3D printer on the market. Thanks to its open-source nature, Szturc’s design provides an opportunity for makers and enthusiasts to build their own high-performance 3D printer.

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