The members of the Committee of Experts in the 3D Printing Industry have been announced.

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3D Printing Industry Awards: Meet the Experts Shaping the Future of Additive Manufacturing

When it comes to 3D printing, experience and expertise matter. That’s why the 3D Printing Industry Awards have assembled a panel of experts with a combined experience of almost 1,000 years in additive manufacturing. These industry leaders will play a crucial role in selecting the winners of the prestigious awards.

The 3D Printing Industry Expert Committee is comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds and in-depth knowledge of various sectors. From medical and mobility to energy and aerospace, these experts have seen it all. They also possess academic and practical expertise in operating and designing 3D printing systems, ensuring their ability to evaluate the nominees based on both theoretical and real-world considerations.

The committee’s involvement in the awards goes hand in hand with the public vote of nominations and voting process. By combining these two methods, the 2023 3D Printing Industry Awards aim to celebrate excellence in additive manufacturing in the most comprehensive and inclusive manner possible.

The announcement of the committee’s members is just the beginning. More industry experts will be announced in the coming weeks, further enhancing the committee’s already impressive lineup. Let’s take a closer look at some of the experts who will be shaping the future of additive manufacturing through their involvement in the awards.

Ralph Resnick, Senior Adviser at Center Street Technologies, is an advanced manufacturing agitator and the Founding Director at America Makes. With his extensive experience and expertise, Ralph brings a unique perspective to the committee, particularly in the field of advanced manufacturing.

Frank Carsten Herzog, CEO of HZG Group, has over 25 years of industry experience. Through HZG Group, Frank supports start-up teams and helps bring their innovations successfully to market. His network and passion for technology make him a valuable member of the committee.

John Hartner, Founder of Digital Industrialist LLC, has led and invested in multiple industries, including automation, semicon capital equipment, cleantech, and digital printing. John’s experience as the former CEO of ExOne, a leader in metal Additive Manufacturing, gives him valuable insights into the industry.

Jenny Chen, Founder and CEO of 3DHEALS LLC, is a practicing neuroradiologist with degrees in both medicine and radiology. Her focus on bioprinting, regenerative medicine, and healthcare applications using 3D printing makes her a valuable asset to the committee.

Andrew Graves, Business Development Manager – Neo at Stratasys, has been working in additive manufacturing since 1990. With experience in various aspects of the industry, including R&D, sales, and project management, Andrew brings a well-rounded perspective to the committee.

Steve Deak, Principal Engineer- Additive Manufacturing, has over thirty years of experience in the industry and has worked for major companies like GE and Hasbro. He has also been actively involved in the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG), serving as president for four terms.

Tyler LeBrun, Additive Manufacturing Lead at Sandia National Laboratories, is responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of R&D efforts. With the largest national laboratory in the United States backing him, Tyler’s expertise in additive manufacturing is unquestionable.

Dr. Adrian Bowyer MBE is the originator of the RepRap Project, which kickstarted the low-cost 3D printer revolution. His contribution to the industry is immense, and his inclusion in the committee adds a visionary perspective to the proceedings.

These are just some of the experts who will be evaluating the nominations and selecting the winners of the 3D Printing Industry Awards. Their collective knowledge and experience ensure that only the most deserving individuals and companies will be recognized for their contributions to additive manufacturing.

If you’re interested in joining the committee, reach out to the team behind the awards. More committee members will be announced in the coming weeks, further solidifying the expertise and credibility of the panel.

The 3D Printing Industry Awards are an opportunity to celebrate and honor the advancements made in additive manufacturing. By bringing together industry experts and the public, these awards ensure that excellence is recognized and innovation is encouraged. So, if you believe in the power of 3D printing and want to be a part of shaping its future, don’t miss the chance to nominate your favorites and participate in the voting process.

Submit your nominations now and join us in celebrating the incredible achievements in additive manufacturing at the 2023 3D Printing Industry Awards!

When it comes to the world of 3D printing and additive manufacturing, there are many individuals who have made significant contributions to the industry. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of these individuals and highlight their experiences and achievements.

Let’s start with Nora Toure, the Hunting Sales Director at Materialise. Nora is not only a successful businesswoman but also the founder of the non-profit organization Women in 3D Printing (Wi3DP). Her goal is to promote women leaders in the additive manufacturing industry. With her strong foundation and team, Nora has now taken on the role of Chairwoman of the Board.

Next, we have Christopher Prucha, the founder of Origin and former CEO of Notion. With a background in Silicon Valley and a commitment to innovation, Christopher’s ventures and investments aim to make cutting-edge technologies accessible to all. His vision of democratizing technology, including artificial intelligence, has paved the way for advancements in additive manufacturing.

Moving on, we have Dr. Doraiswamy Bharath Sunderraj, a Program Manager at Frost & Sullivan. With over 9 years of experience in the market and technology research sector, Doraiswamy specializes in automotive and advanced manufacturing technology. His expertise in project management, market research analysis, and growth strategy consulting has led to precise solutions for clients.

Now let’s talk about Dr. Subham Banerjee, an Associate Professor at NIPER-Guwahati and a visiting staff faculty at the University of Texas. Dr. Banerjee’s research area focuses on pharmacoengineering, including pharmaceutical additive manufacturing and 3D printing. With several patents, research articles, and international book chapters under his belt, Dr. Banerjee’s contributions to the field are invaluable.

Next, we have Adam Meadows, the Director of Vector 3D. With a background in mechanical engineering, entrepreneurship, and YouTubing, Adam brings a unique perspective to the world of additive manufacturing. He is committed to making 3D printing an accessible tool for businesses and consumers alike.

Rob Lent, the Chief Operating Officer of Vision Miner, is another individual who has had a significant impact in the additive manufacturing industry. Focused on performance thermoplastics, Rob and his team at Vision Miner develop their own machines, products, and tools. Their goal is to provide the latest and greatest technology to customers and demystify the innovations in the additive industry.

Last but not least, we have Chris Robinson, a Senior Product Manager at Ansys. With a background in additive manufacturing research and product development, Chris has extensive experience in the industry. His current focus is helping the additive manufacturing and metal forming industries make a positive difference in the lives of individuals and the environment.

These individuals are just a few examples of the many talented and dedicated professionals in the additive manufacturing industry. Their contributions and innovations have helped shape the industry into what it is today. As technology continues to advance, we can only expect to see more exciting developments from these individuals and others like them.

In today’s blog post, we want to take a different approach to storytelling and structure. Instead of following the traditional format, we will introduce the key players in our story and give you a glimpse into their backgrounds and expertise. This will help paint a picture of the diverse perspectives and experiences they bring to the table.

First up, we have Grant Posner, the President & CEO of 3D Musketeers. With a background in Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping, Grant has worked with numerous clients and businesses to provide accurate, fast, and affordable solutions. His strong skills in business development and product development, along with a Master’s Degree from Saint Leo University, make him a valuable asset to the industry.

Next, we have Ed Graham, the General Manager of Prototek. Ed is a true industry leader with a passion for the future of manufacturing. With 27 years of experience in the Additive Industry, he has received the prestigious AMUG 2020 DINO Award. Ed focuses on developing and leading new strategies and technology to push additive manufacturing towards end-use production. He also emphasizes operational efficiency in post-processing, quality, and automation.

Joining them is Ben Arnold, the VP of Business Development at Tritone Technologies. Ben has an impressive 18 years of experience in the AM industry, specializing in polymers, composites, and metals. With his expertise, Ben helps drive business growth and development within the company.

Stefanie Brickwede, the Managing Director of Mobility/Medical goes Additive, brings a unique perspective to the table. As the head of the international leading network “Mobility goes Additive,” Stefanie has successfully launched a second branch called “Medical goes Additive.” With a background in economics and various management roles, she has played a pivotal role in integrating AM throughout the Group.

Kristin Mulherin, the Director of Additive Manufacturing Technology at Hubbell, is another key player in the industry. Leading the Center of Excellence for AM, Kristin drives AM development and adoption across the enterprise. She is also the President of Women in 3D Printing, a global non-profit organization aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within the industry.

Howard Marotto, the Additive Manufacturing Business Director for EWI, is focused on expanding the Additive Manufacturing team and portfolio for the Federal Government and commercial sectors. As a Colonel in the Marine Corps Reserves, Howard brings valuable military experience and insights to the field.

Last but not least, we have Emily Fehrman Cory, the Founder & Principal Consultant of Airship Consulting LLC. Emily has an extensive background in tech transfer and commercialization, as well as experience in academia. With a passion for supporting and growing small technology businesses, Emily launched her own consulting firm to foster collaboration between government, academia, and small businesses.

These individuals all play crucial roles in the Additive Manufacturing industry, and their diverse backgrounds and expertise make them a formidable force. Together, they are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in product development and driving innovation in the field.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories from these industry leaders as we continue to explore the fascinating world of Additive Manufacturing.

most successful 3D printing service bureaus in the UK. Nick Allen is now leading 3DPRINTUK as CEO, focusing on driving the company’s growth and expanding its reach in the global market. With a background in engineering and a passion for innovation, Nick is dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible with 3D printing technology.

Lisa Duncan, AFRL, Program Manager Lisa Duncan is a Program Manager at the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), where she oversees projects related to additive manufacturing and materials research. With a background in materials engineering, Lisa is at the forefront of developing new materials and processes that can be used in 3D printing applications. Her work at AFRL has been instrumental in advancing the field of additive manufacturing and has contributed to numerous advancements in aerospace and defense industries.

Paul Mason, Ultimaker, VP of Sales Paul Mason is the Vice President of Sales at Ultimaker, a leading manufacturer of 3D printers. With over 20 years of experience in sales and business development, Paul is responsible for driving Ultimaker’s sales strategy and expanding its global customer base. He is passionate about the potential of 3D printing technology and works closely with customers to help them harness the benefits of additive manufacturing.

Kelly Wall, Stratasys, Vice President of Marketing Kelly Wall is the Vice President of Marketing at Stratasys, one of the world’s leading providers of additive manufacturing solutions. With a background in marketing and business development, Kelly is responsible for overseeing Stratasys’ global marketing initiatives and driving brand awareness. She is dedicated to educating industries about the transformative power of 3D printing and helping businesses leverage this technology to drive innovation and growth.

Jordan Miller, Rice University, Assistant Professor Jordan Miller is an Assistant Professor at Rice University, where he leads the Miller Research Group focusing on bioprinting and tissue engineering. With a background in bioengineering, Jordan is at the forefront of developing new techniques and materials for 3D printing biological tissues. His work has the potential to revolutionize the field of regenerative medicine and has garnered recognition and awards in the scientific community.

These individuals represent a diverse range of expertise and perspectives within the field of additive manufacturing. From industry leaders to academic researchers, each one is playing a crucial role in advancing the technology and pushing its boundaries. With their collective knowledge and passion for innovation, the future of 3D printing looks bright.

the largest 3D printing services in the UK. One of the leading companies in this field is 3DPRINTUK, which is known for its high production capacity and numerous accolades. They produce approximately 3,500 parts every day and have been recognized for their engineering and business achievements. In fact, they were awarded the prestigious title of 2021 Telegraph Company of the Year, highlighting their exceptional performance in the industry. They were also listed in the 2023 FT Fastest Growing 1000 and their CEO was named the 2023 Exemplar Individual for the Manufacturer.

3DPRINTUK’s commitment to sustainability is also worth mentioning. In 2023, they became the first company in their sector to be certified Carbon Neutral. This milestone showcases their dedication to reducing their environmental impact and contributing to a greener future.

Another key figure in the 3D printing industry is Dr. Stephan Beyer, the Co-Founder and CFO of nFrontier GmbH. With his extensive background in finance, sales, and technology, Dr. Beyer has become a serial entrepreneur and innovator in the field of digital manufacturing. He has previously been involved in successful ventures such as BigRep and nFrontier, demonstrating his expertise in this rapidly evolving industry.

Pia Kramer, the Director of Marketing, Brand & Experience at DyeMansion, is also a notable figure in the additive manufacturing sector. With over 7 years of experience in this field, Pia has played a crucial role in shaping and promoting the DyeMansion brand. DyeMansion is a global leader in post-processing for industrial plastics 3D printing, enabling various applications such as eyewear, orthotics, prosthetics, automotive interiors, helmets, bike saddles, basketballs, and more. With over 1000 installed systems in more than 35 countries, DyeMansion’s impact on the industry is undeniable.

Clare Difazio, the Head of Product Strategy & Marketing at E3D, brings a wealth of experience in marketing and business development in FDM printing. With more than 11 years in the industry, Clare has developed strong relationships and a deep understanding of E3D’s product portfolio and market position. Her contributions to E3D’s growth are evident, with the company expanding from just 4 full-time staff members to over 70 within an 8-year period.

Neil Sewell, the CEO of Solid Print3D, is another prominent figure in the 3D printing industry. His company covers 3D printing and scanning in the UK, Ireland, and the Nordics, making a significant impact on the market. Shannon VanDeren, the President of Layered Manufacturing and Consulting, is also an influential figure in the additive manufacturing field. Through her expertise, she has been able to identify innovative applications and create strategic partnerships, driving cost savings and manufacturing efficiencies.

Bob Markley, the Executive Vice President of Addman Engineering, has a strong track record in metal additive technology. With his experience and expertise, he has produced 3D printed parts for various high-profile industries, including aerospace, racing, and consumer goods. His contributions have been recognized by the Additive Manufacturing User Group (AMUG), where he holds the title of Distinguished Innovator and Operator (DINO).

Robert Higham, the Founder and CEO of Additive Manufacturing Solutions Ltd. (AMS), is a Chartered Engineer with a diverse background in academia, motorsport, space, and aerospace. Through AMS, he aims to bring aerospace-grade qualification, validation, and operation capability to industries across the board. His team at AMS provides support for AM strategy, validation, and training.

Lastly, Alex Hussain, the CEO of 3DChimera, is a Co-Founder of the Florida-based company specializing in 3D printing services. With their expertise, 3DChimera has become a reputable name in the industry, offering their services to a wide range of clients.

These individuals and companies represent the forefront of the 3D printing industry in the UK. With their expertise, innovation, and commitment to excellence, they are driving the growth and advancement of this rapidly evolving field.

The world of 3D printing, scanning, and CAD equipment sales and services is vast and ever-expanding. There are countless individuals and companies who play crucial roles in advancing this technology and making it accessible to a wider audience. In this blog post, we will introduce you to some of the key players in this industry and highlight their contributions.

Craig Monk, CRM CAD ltd/3D Print Monkey, Owner/Director

Craig Monk is an expert in the field of 3D printing and specializes in the supply of low-cost, high-quality SLA printers and consumables. With his company, CRM CAD ltd/3D Print Monkey, he aims to make this technology more affordable and accessible to individuals and businesses alike.

Matthias Schmidt-Lehr, AMPOWER, Managing Partner

Matthias Schmidt-Lehr is a Managing Partner at AMPOWER, a company that offers advisory services to AM (additive manufacturing) companies looking to optimize their global market positioning and go-to-market strategies. With his deep understanding of customer needs and market dynamics, Matthias has successfully executed numerous strategy projects with top-tier AM OEMs.

Stefan Ritt, AM/3D-printing market integration consulting, Owner

Stefan Ritt, an expert in international markets and leading management functions, has been involved in various companies focusing on 3D printing and international sales and marketing for over 20 years. He has also played a significant role in technical standardization and promoting aerospace contact through his work with DIN.

Andre Wegner, Authentise, CEO

As the founder and CEO of Authentise, Andre Wegner is a leader in data-driven process automation software for digital manufacturing. He is also the Chair of Digital Manufacturing at Singularity University, where he shares his knowledge and expertise in additive manufacturing and the digital thread. Andre has spoken at numerous events and has been featured in major publications.

Max Funkner, 3DWithUs, Founder

Max Funkner, the founder of 3DWithUs, is an author and editor who specializes in testing software and technologies related to 3D design and printing. He provides comprehensive guides and reviews to help individuals navigate the world of 3D printing successfully.

Maximilian Strixner, The Exploration Company, Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer

Maximilian Strixner is a Senior Additive Manufacturing Engineer who focuses on metal additive manufacturing for space propulsion. His expertise lies in developing innovative solutions for space exploration using the capabilities of 3D printing technology.

Jeff DeGrange, Impossible Objects Inc., Chief Commercial Officer

Jeff DeGrange is the Chief Commercial Officer of Impossible Objects Incorporated, a company that specializes in 3D carbon fiber composites technology. With his extensive experience at Stratasys and Boeing, Jeff brings valuable insights into the development of advanced additive materials and manufacturing technologies.

Alan (Pooch) Puccinelli, Repkord LLC, Founder/Owner

Alan Puccinelli, also known as “Pooch,” is the founder and owner of Repkord LLC. His company focuses on creating fine fabrication furniture and aims to improve the overall 3D printing experience for users. With his innovative designs, Pooch provides solutions that enhance the process of bringing ideas to life through 3D printing.

Dave Gaylord, MatterHackers, VP

As the VP of MatterHackers, Dave Gaylord is an engineer, maker, surfer, and 3D printing enthusiast. His expertise lies in developing and providing high-quality materials and products for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals.

Andrew Sink, Carbon, Senior Applications Engineer

Andrew Sink is a Senior Applications Engineer at Carbon, where he is focused on enabling companies to create the next generation of production 3D printed parts at scale. With his technical expertise and passion for additive manufacturing, Andrew actively contributes to the advancement of this technology.

These individuals are just a few of the many contributors to the world of 3D printing, scanning, and CAD equipment sales and services. Their expertise, experience, and passion play a crucial role in advancing this technology and making it more accessible to individuals and businesses around the world. Whether it’s through innovative software solutions, affordable printers, or groundbreaking applications, these professionals are shaping the future of additive manufacturing.

In the world of additive manufacturing, there are many individuals who have made significant contributions to the field. Today, we will introduce you to some of these remarkable people and the roles they play in advancing the industry.

Duann Scott is the founder of Bits to Atoms, a company that focuses on computational design and digital advanced production technologies. With his expertise, Duann has been able to push the boundaries of what is possible with additive manufacturing.

Olga Ivanova, known as “Dr.O” Ivanova, is the Director of Applications and Technology at Mechnano. Her role involves developing new formulations and improving processes to meet customer needs. With over 10 years of experience in additive manufacturing, Olga has worked with clients from various sectors, including industry, government, and academia.

Len Pannett is the CEO of Supercharg3d and has been instrumental in helping organizations achieve operational excellence. With his deep knowledge of additive manufacturing, Len has become a sought-after speaker and author, sharing his insights on innovation and transformation.

Chaw Sing Ho is the CEO of NAMIC Singapore, a platform dedicated to lowering barriers for additive manufacturing adoption. With his extensive background in the industry, including working at HP and Globalfoundries, Chaw Sing has become an influential figure in driving the growth of additive manufacturing.

Stefan Bindl is the Director of Engineering at AM Global Holding GmbH. With his expertise in jet engine dynamics and additive manufacturing in aerospace, Stefan has been involved in various engineering roles to drive innovation and advancement in the field.

Shashi Jain is a Strategic Innovation Consultant based in Portland. With his experience at Intel Corporation, Shashi has been involved in pathfinding new applications in healthcare, AI for space, and blockchain. Outside of work, Shashi actively participates in the maker community, mentoring startups, and contributing to non-profit organizations.

Daryl Yee is an Assistant Professor at EPFL and leads the Laboratory for the Chemistry of Materials and Manufacturing. His research focuses on using molecular design and accessible materials processing strategies to create advanced functional materials for societal challenges.

Sarah Jordan is the CEO of Skuld LLC and brings her expertise as a metallurgist to the field of additive manufacturing. Currently, she is developing the AMEC process, which stands for additive manufacturing evaporative casting, to further expand the capabilities of 3D printing.

Lastly, we have Professor JY Jeng from the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology. As a professor, JY Jeng has been instrumental in advancing research and education in additive manufacturing.

These individuals represent just a fraction of the many talented professionals who are driving innovation in the additive manufacturing industry. Their expertise, passion, and dedication are shaping the future of 3D printing and opening up new possibilities in various sectors. We look forward to seeing the continued advancements and breakthroughs that will emerge thanks to their contributions.

In today’s blog post, we are going to take a different approach. Instead of writing paragraphs about each individual mentioned, we will present their stories in a more concise and engaging format. So, let’s get started!

1. Dr. Jeng – Director of “Taiwan High Speed 3D Printing Research Center” and Independent Director of various companies, including GlobalWafer and Actron. He is a renowned expert in 3D printing and has held prestigious positions throughout his career.

2. Dr. Beni Cukurel – Assoc. Prof. and Head of Turbomachinery and Heat Transfer Laboratory at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. He is a mechanical engineering expert with a focus on micro-gas turbines for propulsion and power generation. His research has earned him several prizes and awards.

3. Carl Diver – Professor of Innovative Manufacturing and Director of PrintCity at Manchester Metropolitan University. As the academic lead on Industry 4.0, he has extensive experience in additive manufacturing and digital connectivity projects. He is also involved in promoting collaboration between academia and industry.

4. Youping Gao – Founder, Chief Scientist & EVP of Castheon Inc. (now part of ADDMAN Group Company). With a background in aerospace manufacturing, Dr. Gao is a pioneer in additive manufacturing, having received NASA’s production certification for AM. He is also an experienced educator in the field.

5. Darrell Adams – Vice President of Sales – EMEA at UltiMaker. With his expertise in sales and additive manufacturing, Adams plays a crucial role in the company’s growth and success.

These individuals have made significant contributions to the field of additive manufacturing. Their research, expertise, and dedication have advanced the industry and paved the way for new innovations. We are grateful for their contributions and look forward to seeing what they will achieve in the future.

President of EMEA at UltiMaker, overseeing the region’s go-to-market strategies and strategic partnerships. Calum Stewart, SPEE3D, Director – Defence Programmes EMEA. Nick Loth, TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing, Project Manager. David Walker, PrintFoam, CTO & Co-Founder, Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, Executive Chairperson. Laura Ely, The Barnes Global Advisors, Managing Director. Bob Diaz, College of Southern Nevada, Professor. Katerina Christofidou, The University of Sheffield, Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy. Lauralyn McDaniel, MfgGeek, LLC, Chief Geek Connector.

These individuals all come from diverse backgrounds, but they share a common passion for additive manufacturing (AM) and its potential to revolutionize the way we create and produce.

The President of EMEA at UltiMaker is responsible for overseeing the company’s go-to-market strategies and strategic partnerships in the region. Through his leadership, UltiMaker has strengthened its relationships with channel partners and built extensive sales operations, positioning the company for success in the EMEA market.

Calum Stewart, the Director of Defence Programmes EMEA at SPEE3D, brings a unique perspective to the table. As a former British and Australian Army Maintenance Engineering Officer, he understands the importance of AM in the defense sector. Under his guidance, SPEE3D’s defense activities in EMEA have thrived.

Nick Loth, Project Manager at TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing, focuses on helping young scientists and entrepreneurs accelerate deep-tech innovation in the AM sector. With his experience as a consultant and editor in the industrial AM sector, Loth brings valuable insights and expertise to the table.

David Walker, CTO & Co-Founder of PrintFoam and Executive Chairperson of the Photopolymer Additive Manufacturing Alliance, is a true pioneer in the field. His seminal manuscript on 3D printing set a new throughput record for the field and he has since made significant contributions to the industry through his work at Azul 3D and PrintFoam.

Laura Ely, Managing Director at The Barnes Global Advisors, leads a team of industry-recognized experts with over 250 years of combined AM experience. Her expertise lies at the intersection of people, technology, and strategy, and she has a proven track record of building diverse teams and solving complex problems.

Bob Diaz, a Professor at the College of Southern Nevada, has been teaching CADD Technology for 35 years, including 15 years in AM. His dedication to educating the next generation of AM professionals has earned him recognition in the industry.

Katerina Christofidou, a Senior Lecturer in Metallurgy at The University of Sheffield, is a leading expert in alloy development and advanced characterization. Her work in the development and physical metallurgy of superalloys and alloys for additive manufacturing has made significant contributions to the field.

Lauralyn McDaniel, Chief Geek Connector at MfgGeek, LLC, is a recognized leader with over 20 years of experience in AM, micromanufacturing, and nanotechnology. She is actively involved in industry organizations and standards committees, advocating for the expansion of AM applications and workforce development.

These individuals are all driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with additive manufacturing. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise contribute to a rich and dynamic ecosystem that continues to evolve and shape the future of the industry. Whether it’s through strategic partnerships, research and development, education, or advocacy, each of these individuals plays a vital role in advancing the field of additive manufacturing.

Title: A Tale of Three Visionaries in Additive Manufacturing

In the ever-evolving world of additive manufacturing, there are pioneers who have made significant contributions to the industry. Today, we will take a closer look at three remarkable individuals whose passion and drive have propelled them to the forefront of this exciting field.

First, let’s meet Henri de Chassey, the Additive Manufacturing Engineering Manager at Wabtec. Henri’s journey began in 2010 when he joined the railway industry as a mechanical engineer. Over the years, he worked on methods and operations, gaining valuable experience in various aspects of the industry. In 2021, Henri took on the role of managing and overseeing all 3D printing projects at Wabtec Transit. His responsibilities involve supporting customers and production sites, from initial requests to the validation of drawings and parts. With seven years of experience in additive manufacturing, Henri’s expertise and dedication have made a significant impact on Wabtec’s success in this field.

Next, we have Valeria Tirelli, the President and CEO of Aidro. Aidro, an Italian company that specializes in additive manufacturing of valves and hydraulic components, has been a beacon of innovation for over 40 years. Valeria, the daughter of Aidro’s founder, recognized the enormous potential of metal additive manufacturing and decided to invest in this technology. Under her leadership, Aidro established a dedicated department for additive manufacturing and successfully integrated it alongside conventional manufacturing processes. Valeria’s passion for additive manufacturing extends beyond her own company. She actively participates in international groups that shape guidelines and standards in the industry. As the Italian Ambassador of the Women in 3D Printing Association, Valeria promotes inclusivity, diversity, and sustainability by organizing networking events and conferences.

These three visionaries have all made profound contributions to the additive manufacturing industry, each with a unique perspective and set of skills. While their backgrounds and roles may differ, they share a common goal – to push the boundaries of what is possible and shape the future of manufacturing.

Additive manufacturing is a rapidly evolving field, and recognition of exceptional individuals and companies is crucial for its growth. The 3D Printing Industry Awards serve as a platform to celebrate these achievements. Nominations are open, providing an opportunity for the entire community to get involved and acknowledge the contributions of those who have made a difference.

In conclusion, Henri de Chassey, Valeria Tirelli, and many other individuals like them are driving the additive manufacturing industry forward. Their expertise, passion, and dedication are paving the way for new possibilities in manufacturing. As we continue to recognize and celebrate their achievements, the industry as a whole will thrive, bringing us one step closer to a future where additive manufacturing plays a central role.

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