The resorbable 3D printed implants developed by BellaSeno show promising results after one year, according to

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BellaSeno GmbH, a Leipzig-based medtech company specializing in resorbable scaffolds made using additive manufacturing, has just released promising one-year follow-up data for their breast and pectus excavatum implants. These implants have shown exceptional safety profiles, and the company has been promoting the superiority of their medical scaffolds through scientific forums and peer-reviewed publications. Surgeons have lauded their performance, and patient satisfaction levels have skyrocketed.

One interesting finding from the follow-up data is that breast reconstruction patients who had previously received silicone implants reported reduced levels of pain after switching to BellaSeno’s resorbable scaffolds. Additionally, all patients were able to maintain their shape and volume post-surgery. The trial has already treated a significant number of enrolled patients, with more to come by the end of 2023. In light of these promising results, BellaSeno plans to expand the trial to multiple centers across Europe and Australia.

Mohit Chhaya, CEO of BellaSeno, expressed his enthusiasm about the positive one-year follow-up results. He stated, “This is a key milestone for our breast and pectus excavatum scaffolds. The data brings us closer to realizing our vision of providing groundbreaking innovations in the field of breast surgery, offering personalized care options. The first-in-human data have been incredibly promising so far, demonstrating both the excellent safety of the scaffolds and the high acceptance of the products among surgeons and patients. Furthermore, patient recruitment is progressing well, confirming the significant demand for alternatives to silicone implants.”

BellaSeno’s manufacturing platform is certified under ISO 13485, ensuring that it meets the diverse requirements of medical scaffolds, ranging from soft tissue to bone. The company offers both customized and off-the-shelf sterile medical implants. If you’re interested in learning more or sharing your thoughts, feel free to visit BellaSeno’s Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages. Don’t forget to sign up for their weekly additive manufacturing newsletter to receive all the latest stories directly in your inbox.

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