Kind Designs has successfully raised $5 million for their 3D Printed Living Seawalls, according to an article on

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Revolutionizing Coastal Protection: Kind Designs’ 3D-Printed Seawalls

The fight against shoreline erosion and surge flooding has taken a significant step forward with the recent announcement that Miami-based startup Kind Designs has secured $5 million in seed funding. This investment, co-led by GOVO Venture Partners, M4 Investing, and the Florida Opportunity Fund, will help Kind Designs in its mission to deploy their innovative 3D printed seawalls, aptly named “Living Seawalls.”

Traditional seawalls have long been known to be expensive and environmentally damaging. However, Kind Designs is set to change the game with its revolutionary approach. By harnessing the power of 3D printing, they aim to produce 95% of seawalls with significantly reduced costs, while also emulating the natural designs of coral reefs and mangroves. This not only helps combat erosion but also fosters biodiversity and enhances water quality.

One of the standout features of these Living Seawalls is the embedded sensors they will incorporate. These sensors will provide real-time data on pH levels and water temperature, offering valuable insights into the health of the surrounding ecosystem. Such data can aid in early detection of any issues and allow for timely interventions.

Anya Freeman, the CEO and founder of Kind Designs, acknowledges the vital role played by Florida-based investors who have a deep understanding of the region’s vulnerability to rising sea levels. The local connections and expertise provided by these investors have been crucial in bringing Kind Designs’ vision to life. With this injection of funding, Kind Designs can ramp up its seawall production, fulfilling the $4 million worth of purchase orders that are waiting.

As the world grapples with the increasing threat of sea level rise due to climate change, Kind Designs stands poised to revolutionize the industry and become a market leader in ecologically responsible seawalls. Inspired by her involvement in Peter Diamandis’ program, Abundance360, Freeman recognizes the immense potential of large-scale 3D printing technology in addressing climate change-related challenges.

With this recent funding, Kind Designs is one step closer to turning its dream of widespread 3D-printed seawalls into a reality, not just in Miami but across the globe. Imagine a future where Miami’s waterways are adorned with Living Seawalls, teeming with life, and serving as a model for sustainable coastal protection worldwide.

The company’s inaugural deployment will take place at a commercial property on the Miami River, showcasing the effectiveness and benefits of their innovative solution. This milestone project will pave the way for future implementations and set a precedent for other coastal regions facing similar challenges.

As we eagerly anticipate the transformation of coastal protection, Kind Designs invites you to share your thoughts on their mission via social media. Visit their Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn pages to join the conversation and stay updated on their progress. And don’t forget to sign up for their weekly additive manufacturing newsletter to receive the latest stories directly to your inbox.


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