Restor3d’s acquisition of Conformis marks the emergence of a dominant player in the orthopedic device industry, according to

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restor3d, Inc. recently made waves in the world of personalized orthopedic medical devices with its successful acquisition of Conformis, Inc. This exciting development was met with approval from Conformis’ stockholders at a special meeting on August 31, 2023. As a result, Conformis’ common stock stopped trading on the NASDAQ on September 5, 2023.

The acquisition of Conformis by restor3d has created a powerhouse in the personalized orthopedic medical device industry. Known for its expertise in 3D printing of biomedical materials and AI-based planning, restor3d will combine its strengths with Conformis, expanding their offerings across various orthopedic applications. These applications include shoulder, foot & ankle, spine, and large joints like knees and hips.

restor3d’s CEO, J. Kurt Jacobus, expressed his excitement about the acquisition, stating, “We see tremendous opportunity to deliver clinically differentiated and cost-effective solutions across the orthopedic landscape. We have mapped out a product roadmap that will deepen and extend our offerings across the body, providing surgeons and patients with the personalized device solutions they deserve.”

With this strategic move, the new entity formed by the acquisition aims to drive innovation in the orthopedic field. They plan to offer a wide range of personalized orthopedic devices, from patient-specific to patient-matched, as well as associated ancillary products. By combining their expertise, restor3d and Conformis hope to revolutionize the orthopedic industry and improve patient outcomes.

In addition to this exciting news, restor3d invites everyone to share their thoughts on the acquisition and stay informed about the latest developments. Interested individuals can connect with restor3d on their social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. They can also sign up for the company’s weekly additive manufacturing newsletter to receive all the latest stories directly in their inbox.

In conclusion, restor3d’s acquisition of Conformis has created a powerhouse in the personalized orthopedic medical device industry. With their combined expertise, the new entity plans to boost innovation, offer a wide range of personalized orthopedic devices, and provide surgeons and patients with the best possible solutions. This is an exciting time for the orthopedic field, and restor3d is at the forefront of driving positive change.

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