The Mind-Controlled, 3D Printed ScreenDress has been released by Anouk Wipprecht.

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Introducing the Mind-Controlled, 3D Printed Dress: A Technological Marvel

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you could show the world how much information your brain is processing at any given time? Well, wonder no more! FashionTech Designer Anouk Wipprecht has created a groundbreaking masterpiece called the ScreenDress, which does exactly that. Designed using PTC’s Onshape software and manufactured using the new HP Jet Fusion 5420W system, this dress pushes the boundaries of fashion and technology.

The ScreenDress is not just any ordinary dress – it is a brain-monitoring, 3D printed creation embedded with screens. It functions as a wearable brain-computer interface, made possible by a cutting-edge EEG sensor developed by NeuroTech company g.tec. This sensor picks up subconscious signals from the wearer’s brain and uses machine learning to determine their mental workload.

In real-time, the six circular displays embedded in the dress’s sculpted neckpiece reflect the wearer’s mental workload. As the workload increases, the displays depict iris and pupil dilation, creating a captivating spectacle of eyes that seems almost otherworldly. The dress becomes a technologically mediated dialogue between the wearer and their environment.

But why is this concept so important? It all comes down to cognitive load. Cognitive load refers to the amount of information our working memory can process at any given time. When we experience increased stress, fatigue, or frustration, it’s often an indication that cognitive overload is affecting our actions. The ScreenDress visualizes this cognitive load, allowing wearers and those around them to understand and respond to their mental state.

During a two-minute training session, the machine-learning software calibrates itself to each wearer’s unique mental workload. This ensures accurate and personalized readings every time the dress is worn. It’s not just FashionTech; it’s NeuroTech Fashion!

The ScreenDress will be unveiled at the Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria. This groundbreaking creation is set to revolutionize the way we think about fashion and technology. It opens up new possibilities for self-expression and interconnection, all controlled by the subconscious signals from the wearer’s brain.

So, get ready to step into the future of fashion with the ScreenDress. It’s a technological marvel that invites you to explore the fascinating correlations between actions and our brain’s reaction to them. Stay tuned for more updates and be prepared to witness this mind-blowing creation in action.

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