Major milestones for its high-power Li-Metal Cypress battery chemistry are reported by Sakuu.

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Introducing the Revolutionary Sakuu Cypress Battery Cell Chemistry

Exciting news in the world of 3D printing and battery technology! Sakuu Corporation, the manufacturer of Kavian platform and SwiftPrint batteries, has just announced several major milestones for its high-power Li-Metal Cypress battery cell chemistry.

Since its commercial launch in May 2023, Sakuu has successfully delivered samples of its Cypress battery cell chemistry to global strategic customers in the 2W mobility/motorcycle space, as well as the e-aviation/drone, defense, and power tool industries. This demonstrates the versatility and widespread applicability of Sakuu’s technology.

But that’s not all. Sakuu has also achieved impressive performance and safety qualifications with its Cypress battery technology. Overcoming challenges associated with high-performance Li-Metal battery technology, Sakuu has positioned itself as a leader in the field. The company’s CEO and Founder, Robert Bagheri, stated, “We are in the business of developing and licensing revolutionary manufacturing technology for OEMs to mass produce batteries with higher performance at less cost.”

One of the key advantages of Sakuu’s Cypress battery chemistry is its seamless integration into roll-to-roll battery manufacturing processes. Battery manufacturers looking for novel and innovative solutions will find the Cypress chemistry highly appealing. With regard to energy density, Sakuu’s Li-Metal pouch cells are achieving an impressive 750-950 Watt hours per liter of active cell area. Moreover, the Li-Metal anode cells deliver a cycle life exceeding 400 (1C @25℃) to 80% capacity retention.

But that’s not all. Sakuu’s Li-Metal anode with high nickel cathode has been reported to deliver a 10C peak full discharge with full recovery. The battery also boasts a specific energy of 260+ Wh/kg and a specific power of 792 W/kg (@ 3C). These figures underscore the industry-leading status of Sakuu’s Cypress Li-Metal technology.

In addition to its achievements in battery chemistry, Sakuu is making significant progress in its Kavian additive manufacturing platform initiative. The Kavian platform, designed to meet global demand for 3D printed batteries, enables high-volume, automated, and cost-effective production of current and next-generation battery cells. This platform has the potential to revolutionize battery manufacturing by reducing costs, minimizing waste, and optimizing sustainability compared to traditional roll-to-roll battery manufacturing.

Sakuu is not alone in revolutionizing battery production through 3D printing. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in partnership with Ampcera, successfully 3D printed lithium-ion battery cathodes using solvent-free Laser Powder Bed Fusion (LPBF). This technology aims to create unique 3D battery structures with faster charging capabilities and higher energy densities while reducing manufacturing costs and energy consumption.

Moreover, 6K, a specialty 3D printing material developer, has secured $102 million in funding to expand its 3D printing metal powder and cathode production capacities. This funding will help meet the growing demand for lithium-ion batteries. Meanwhile, Blackstone Resources plans to commercialize its 3D printed sodium-ion battery by 2025, collaborating with academic and industrial partners to demonstrate its solid-state batteries within the next two years.

It is an exciting time for 3D printing and battery technology. With the advancements made by Sakuu and other pioneering companies, we can expect to see even more innovation and progress in the near future. The possibilities are limitless, and the benefits for industries and consumers are truly game-changing.

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