After gaining Align Technology’s acquisition, Cubicure witnessed a decline in the stock of 3D Systems, and also released a statement concerning the outlook of dental 3D printing.

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The 3D printing industry is constantly evolving and pushing boundaries. Exciting news has just emerged as California-based dental clear aligner manufacturer, Align Technology Inc, has announced plans to acquire polymer 3D printer manufacturer, Cubicure GmbH. This acquisition will not only extend and scale Align’s 3D printing capabilities, but also strengthen its intellectual portfolio and knowledge in direct 3D printing of appliances.

Align’s partnership with 3D Systems, a leading 3D printer OEM, has been instrumental in their success. By utilizing additive manufacturing technology from 3D Systems, Align has been able to produce hundreds of thousands of dental aligners every day. With over 15.7 million patients treated with the Invisalign System, Align has made a significant impact on the dental industry.

The acquisition of Cubicure will bring further advancements to Align’s digital platform. Cubicure is known for its patented Hot Lithography technology, which allows for the processing of highly viscous resins to produce tough and temperature-resistant polymers. The purchase price for this transaction is reported to be around €79 million, and the acquisition is expected to close in late 2023 or early 2024.

While this is great news for Align, it raises questions about the future of Align’s partnership with 3D Systems. Speculations about the impact on 3D Systems led to a drop in share price, but the company issued a statement assuring investors that they will remain a long-term business partner for Align.

3D Systems’ stock price experienced a decline following the announcement, with an overall drop in the company’s dental market performance reported in their Q2 2023 financial reporting. However, 3D Systems remains confident in their ability to adapt and continue to support Align’s operations.

Emory Wright, Align Technology’s executive vice president of Global Operations, emphasized the importance of their partnership with 3D Systems. Over the past 25 years, they have worked together to transform prototyping technology into a mass production system, making significant advancements in accuracy and productivity.

As the 3D printing industry continues to evolve, it’s essential to recognize and celebrate the groundbreaking innovations and achievements within the field. Stay tuned for the 2023 3D Printing Industry Awards, where industry leaders and game-changers will be acknowledged for their contributions to this exciting and transformative technology.

3D printing has been a hot topic in the tech industry, with a flurry of sales, acquisitions, and mergers taking place. One recent acquisition that caught our attention was Align’s acquisition of Cubicure, which reflects the larger trend of consolidation in the additive manufacturing space.

However, it’s not all smooth sailing in the 3D printing world. The ongoing saga of the merger between 3D Systems and Stratasys continues to drag on, much to the frustration of 3D Systems’ President and CEO, Dr. Jeffrey Graves. In a statement, Dr. Graves expressed his disappointment that the deal has yet to be finalized and emphasized the commitment of 3D Systems to make the merger happen, if Stratasys is equally committed.

Meanwhile, global print and digital document corporation Xerox has decided to shift its focus away from 3D printing. Xerox recently announced the sale of its additive manufacturing business unit, Elem Additive Solutions, to US-based metal 3D printing company ADDiTEC. This move aligns with Xerox’s strategy to refocus its investments on core capabilities and offerings, such as print, IT, and digital services. Xerox has also made other strategic changes, including donating the Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) to SRI International and selling the Xerox Research Center of Canada to Myant Capital Partners.

We reached out to 3D Systems and Align Technology for comment on these developments, and we will update this article with any statements we receive. In the meantime, if you want to stay informed about the latest news in the 3D printing industry, subscribe to the 3D Printing Industry newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

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(Image: 3D printed Invisalign treatment via Align Technology)

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