After successfully launching the ‘world first’ salmon filet, the start-up enthusiastically praises 3D food printing as the technology of the future.

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Title: The Rise of 3D-Printed Vegan Salmon: A Revolution in Food Technology


In a groundbreaking development, a Vienna-based start-up, Revo Foods, has launched a 3D-printed vegan salmon filet using their patented technology called MassFormer. This innovative product, named ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon,’ is created from algae, pea protein, and mycoprotein sourced from Swedish company Mycorena. The introduction of this plant-based alternative marks an important milestone in the food tech industry and paves the way for the mass production of 3D-printed food.

Authentic Seafood Alternatives with Revolutionary Technology:

Revo Foods’ MassFormer technology utilizes an extrusion method that seamlessly integrates fats into a fibrous protein matrix, resulting in seafood alternatives with the characteristic flakiness and juicy fibers found in traditional fish filets. This patent-pending 3D-MassFormer process enables continuous production, making it the first-ever industrial-scale 3D-printed food production system.

Shaping the Future of Food:

Robin Simsa, CEO of Revo Foods, describes this achievement as a creative food revolution, where food can be crafted precisely according to customer needs. This new technology opens doors for the creation of authentic vegan products, including steaks and filets. It heralds a paradigm shift in the meat alternatives market, offering consumers sustainable choices that do not contribute to overfishing.

Mycoprotein: The Key Ingredient:

At the core of ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ is mycoprotein, derived from filamentous fungi. Revo Foods and Mycorena, a Swedish startup, collaborated to develop this mycoprotein specifically for 3D printing purposes. The result is a protein base, known as “Promyc,” with excellent nutritional values and a meat-like texture. This novel ingredient requires minimal processing and fewer resources (water and emissions) compared to conventional fish production, making it an environmentally friendly choice.

Nutritious and Delicious:

‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ boasts a Nutriscore rating of A, thanks to its high protein and Omega-3 content. The filet satisfies nutritional requirements while delivering a natural meat-like texture. Its mycoprotein composition, combined with Revo Foods’ innovative 3D-printing process, allows for a fine distribution of muscle and fat materials, resulting in layered textures that separate just like real salmon when pressed with a fork.

Scaling up with 3D Printing:

The CEO of Revo Foods emphasizes that 3D printing technology has the potential to reach an industrial scale. By adding a third movement axis to existing systems used in chocolate or pasta production, the company can revolutionize the creation of food products. The intricacies of muscle and fat distribution found in ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ cannot be achieved through standard extrusion processes, making 3D printing the optimal solution for reproducing the functionality and taste of real salmon fillets.

Appealing to Flexitarians:

Revo Foods recognizes that the success of plant-based alternatives lies in replicating an authentic taste that appeals to flexitarians. ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon’ presents a promising solution for those seeking sustainable seafood options without sacrificing flavor. Its availability in REWE supermarkets in Vienna and online at a reasonable price of €6.99 ensures accessibility for consumers eager to explore this innovative and eco-conscious alternative.


The launch of Revo Foods’ 3D-printed vegan salmon filet signifies a significant milestone in the food tech industry. By combining plant-based ingredients, innovative technology, and a commitment to sustainability, Revo Foods is shaping the future of food. With the ability to create authentic seafood alternatives, such as ‘THE FILET – Inspired by Salmon,’ the company offers consumers a tasty and environmentally friendly option that aligns with their dietary preferences and values. As food technology continues to evolve, this breakthrough paves the way for endless possibilities in the creation of plant-based whole cuts and sustainable food solutions.

– Discover the Magic of Angeoboost: A Game-Changing Savoury Ingredient

Date: 30-Aug-2023

Introducing Angeoboost – the revolutionary, yeast-based product series that is set to transform the world of savory ingredients. Imagine a flavor so rich, so intense, that it tantalizes your taste buds and leaves you craving for more. That’s exactly what Angeoboost brings to the table.

Angeoboost is not your ordinary ingredient. It is meticulously crafted from edible yeast, carefully extracting all the goodness that nature has to offer. Packed with free amino acids, nucleotides, and flavor peptides, Angeoboost creates a symphony of umami taste that takes your culinary creations to an entirely new level.

But what sets Angeoboost apart from its competitors? It’s the result of years of research and innovation by Hygienic Pigging Systems Ltd, a leading authority in liquid product recovery technology. Their expertise in maximizing yields and profits for food manufacturers paved the way for the birth of Angeoboost.

Liquid product recovery technology, also known as pigging, is a game-changer for those involved in processing liquids or wet products. By utilizing this cutting-edge technology, food manufacturers can increase their yields and maximize their profits. Imagine the impact this can have on the industry as a whole.

In fact, pigging technology has garnered so much attention that William Reed, a renowned provider of industry insights, has deemed it worthy of being featured in their esteemed event programme. The Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit, as part of the Singapore International Agri-Food Week, will play host to this groundbreaking innovation. With over 1000 global participants, this event is set to be the anchor event of the year.

The convergence of Angeoboost and pigging technology at the Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit showcases the power of collaboration and innovation in the food industry. It is a testament to the boundless possibilities that await us, as we continue to push the boundaries of what is possible.

So, get ready to embark on a journey of taste and innovation with Angeoboost. Say goodbye to ordinary flavors and embrace the extraordinary. It’s time to elevate your culinary masterpieces and create experiences that leave a lasting impression. The future of savory ingredients starts with Angeoboost.

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